How to Select the Best Medical Answering Service

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If you’re involved in the medical or health care communities, you understand how vital it is to provide a variety of communication lines for your clients and patients. It’s equally important to provide them with the ability to reach you when urgent matters and emergency needs arise. Trying to provide these communication options in-house is often too much for even small clinics, counseling centers, and private practices.

Rather than tax already overworked staff or expand staff to try and fill gaps in your communications, Answer United has the perfect solution – customizable medical answering services.

Customize Your Medical Answering Service Solutions

At Answer United, we’re proud to say we have over half a century of experience providing medical and health care professionals with answering services. Due to this depth and breadth of experience, we understand that every clinic, physician’s office, hospital, and care center has different needs when it comes to providing medical answering service solutions.

When it comes to answering services, you need the freedom to pick, choose, and fully customize the services you choose. With Answer United, you can do exactly that.

We offer a wide range of solutions including:

        24/7 Live call answering
        Intuitive automated answering systems
        Peak-hours answering
        After-hours answering
        On-call management
        Instant messaging to on-call staff

Where are your communication gaps or areas that need improvement? Do you want to reduce your staff’s workload by providing medical answering services during high call volume times? Would you like to provide after-hours communication avenues for your clients when they wouldn’t be able to reach you? Perhaps you’d like to move the bulk of communications outside of your building, so you and your staff are only dealing with patients and clients who need to speak with you.

Answer United can provide practical solutions for each of these situations and more. When we partner with your clinic or practice, you’ll ensure each patient or client has a way to reach your office. This means their satisfaction will increase and a relationship of trust will be built.

When we answer the phones on your behalf, we’ll answer using your clinic or office name, treat each caller with professionalism and dignity, and promptly answer every need. Answer United is fully HIPPA compliant, so you can rest assured knowing that your patients’ information is private and safe.

Customize On-Call Management Solutions

Answer United provides a full range of services that can be fully customized. One service that we especially encourage our clients to customize to fit their needs is the on-call management solutions we offer.

Through our on-call management software, you can update and change on-call schedules from any location. Then, when urgent calls come in, we can direct the caller to the correct on-call physician or after-hours medical professional. You can choose from a wide variety of messaging options for how you’d like on-call staff members to receive an urgent caller’s message. Message receipt options include:

        Text messages
        Live phone call

We put the power to choose how you receive urgent messages so you get them in the fastest and best manner possible.

Choose Professionally Trained Answering Service Professionals

At Answer United, we train each member of our medical answering service team. This means you have professionals working for you who answer calls promptly and professionally, who use and understand medical terminology, and who handle urgent calls with precision and care.

Our training ensures that we can help your clinic or practice enjoy improved customer satisfaction. By handling each call with dignity and professionalism, your clients will feel valued, cared for, and respected. This combination is sure to leave them satisfied with the care they receive whether they’re in your office or calling in.

Opt for Solutions that Keep Your Practice Operational

Answer United provides a wide range of solutions to keep your medical practice flowing smoothly. How can we help?

Live call answering: Reduce the workload of your office staff and smooth out operational bottlenecks.

Intuitive automated answering: Provide your patients with a fast way to reorder medications, book appointments, or reschedule appointments.

Appointment management: Our operators can manage your calendar and book appointments for you and provide phone call reminders to encourage patients to keep the appointments they set up.

24/7 answering: Provide a way for patients and clients to reach your staff after hours, on weekends, and during holidays.

On-call management: Ensure every urgent matter is handled promptly and professionally, every time.

No matter what medical answering service you need, Answer United can help you decide on the best solutions for your practice. We’re proud to partner with medical offices across the nation to help ensure their practice flows smoothly and their patients receive the kind of professional and compassionate care they deserve.