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As a consulting or counseling firm, you understand that your clients might need to reach out at all times of day and night. Emergencies and needs don’t stick to a set schedule or have regular office hours. You can also experience seasons where you have more clients calling in than you have people who can answer their questions. How do you provide the type of answering service needed to handle after-hours calls, emergency inquiries, holiday requests, and a high call volume? That’s where Answer United can step in and help you out.

Never Miss an Important Message

Communication is one of the most important aspects of your consulting or counseling practice. As such, you need to ensure that you never miss a phone call, message, or inquiry from a new or existing client. The last thing you want is to miss out on a potential client who needs to schedule an appointment. It’s also important that you’re available for emergency calls when clients need to speak with someone.

This open communication is easier said than done, however, if you’re the only one able to answer the phone. Even if you have office staff dedicated to answering calls, they may not be able to get to every call. After all, they need to take lunch, go home at the end of the day, and take a vacation day here and there.

When you hire Answer United, we can provide 24/7 receptionist answering services, so you never miss a message. We work for you around the clock during weekends, holidays, and overnight. If the phone rings with your customer or client on the line, we pick up. It’s as simple as that.

Protect Patient-Client Privilege

At Answer United, we treat every caller with professionalism and respect. We focus on providing prompt, helpful answers with a calm, professional, and friendly demeanor. Your clients will always be received with care and respect when they call your office and are answered by Answer United.

We also understand the need for patient-client privilege, and that’s why we are fully HIPPA compliant. Whether you work in counseling or the medical field, it’s vital that your clients’ information is kept private and safe. You can rest assured that it will be when you work with us. We take privacy very seriously, and we train every member of our staff how to handle personal and sensitive information in a way that perfectly complies with privacy and HIPPA-oriented regulations.

Schedule Every Appointment

Are you so busy scheduling appointments that you find it hard to attend them? Let Answer United schedule them for you. With our proprietary system, we can schedule and reschedule appointments and place them directly into your calendar so you never miss a beat. We can also provide reminder and follow-up calls to help patients remember the appointments they set up.

If you find that you’re spending too much time trying to arrange your schedule to fit everything in, it might be time to let Answer United step in and handle it for you.

Reach New Clients

Have you placed advertisements in the community to gain more attention for your counseling or consulting service, but you’re too busy to follow up on interested callers who want more information? Answer United can handle advertisement follow-up and response when you need it most.

Are you worried that you’re missing out on leads while you’re in a meeting with a client? Not any more. When we provide answering services for you, we’ll pick up the call day or night. We can provide information regarding your business hours, location, and practice. We can schedule appointments for first-time clients who are interested in your services. And we can offer them information related to your practice that you want us to provide.

When Answer United works for you, you get a 24/7 receptionist and an advertisement follow-up agency all in one. You put in the hard work and spend the time and resources to promote your business. Don’t lose out on the leads your advertisement campaign generates. Let Answer United handle those calls instead.

Provide Existing Clients with Better Communication

If you feel like you don’t provide enough communication for your existing clients, it might be time to change the customer answering service options you offer. With Answer United, we can provide your clients with multiple methods of reaching you even if you’re not available. We can set up an intuitive automated voicemail system for appointment requests or clients who simply want to leave a message. We can provide message forwarding for those who want to talk with a real person when you’re not available. We can even provide live web chat for clients who want to reach out but don’t have time for a phone call.

When care and understanding are called for, call the answering service provider that truly understands. At Answer United we work on the principle that every caller deserves respect and a truly helpful response. Maybe that’s why we’ve been leaders in the communications industry for over 50 years.

Counseling answering services at Answer United is built on the knowledge that critical inquiries can arise any time, day or night. When your clients call, we’ll be there. So you can maintain the healthy balance that’s vital to your successful functioning as a health care and counseling provider.

We’re More Than a Call Service

Our on-call management services aren’t just highly professional—they’re HIPPA compliant. Our knowledgeable staff are conversant in medical terminology and procedure. So you can count on Answer United to:

  • Protect your client-patient privacy.
  • Provide information that meets with your approval.
  • Direct calls to the appropriate counselor or consultant.
  • Deliver all messages to you promptly—and in your preferred format.
  • Schedule appointments according to your specifications.
  • Operate with a proper sense of urgency so you are never overwhelmed but always informed.

Your practice is too important to trust to just any service. Depend on the discretion and expertise of Answer United. Find out how our counseling answering services can bring peace of mind to you and your clients. The answering service options are endless with Answer United on your team. We look forward to serving you!

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