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Our expert agents provide full-service, 24/7 ad response, and order processing

If you’re looking for a professional company to outsource your ad response, order taking, processing, and fulfillment responsibilities, look no further. Whether you have a single product or service, a large e-commerce web site or a full product catalog, Answer United’s professionally-trained agents are fully supported with cutting-edge technology, allowing for custom design and scripting, real-time credit card verification and processing, and much more, ensuring your customers will receive prompt, exceptional customer care.

Unleash Your Marketing Team By Using Our Ad Response Service

Your firm’s marketing team has the potential to be one of the biggest influencers on your company’s overall bottom line. And when you work with Answer United on ad response services, you can truly unleash the potential of your marketers and business developers by never having to worry about missing a call in response to an advertisement or promotion ever again. Whether you’re running seasonal promotions or arranging a marketing campaign around a new product or service launch, you can rest assured that your phones are covered to take advantage of the consumer response – and convert this consumer response into sales.

Answer United’s ad response services are all part of the difference that comes with working with us. Our agents are trained to provide more information about ads and promotions and then take orders to convert responses into dollars.


  • Provides a personal approach in dealing with customers after hours
  • Gives small businesses a larger, more professional image
  • Frees your staff to do other, more important work
  • You only pay for the time you use

Our Award-Winning, 24/7 Ad Response, and Order Processing Services Include:

Custom Scripting

Ensures the proper information is secured
As representatives of your company, we work with you, combining our experience, to determine the exact information you need to receive. We then compose a custom screen for our agents, ensuring they ask the right questions while providing the most complete product and service information. Our award-winning agents will treat your callers in the same professional, courteous manner in which you would answer your own phone.

On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Views

Equipped to secure your order
On-screen call scripting and database viewing are important to accurately ask the right questions while simultaneously being able to provide product descriptions and specifications. Availability of inventory, model/SKU, color, size, price, and delivery schedules are readily available to the agent. We can even scan in a picture of your product or catalog so that the agent can describe the product to the caller.

Online Data Entry

We can use your existing web page or create one for you
When it’s time to take an order on your behalf, our agents can place the order directly on your existing e-commerce web forms or we can work with you to create a back page for our agents to navigate in the most efficient way to process your orders. This allows you the convenience of immediate data retrieval in real-time through the Internet. In addition, we have generator backup and technical staff is on-call 24-hours-a-day, ensuring we stay online at all times.

Credit-Card Verification & Authorization

Secure services & next day availability
Processing credit information is very sensitive and must be handled accurately and confidentially. When our agents enter the credit card number, the computer calculates the correct algorithm to ensure that it’s a proper card number with a valid expiration date. The number is then masked so that it is only visible for a few seconds. Securing an approval code is done in the background while we are processing the call, and the purchase amount is removed or held from the caller’s account while they are still on the line. You have access to those funds the next business day. If the purchase is not approved, we can request an alternative card or suggest they mail a check.

Receive Ad Reports

Computer-generated time and date stamp reporting
All calls are recorded and given a computer-generated time and date stamp for complete quality assurance. We can easily provide a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can be customized to fit your specifications. These reports can be delivered in different formats including fax, email, or a downloadable file.

Other Value-Added Services Answer United Offers

Answer United’s ad response service is just a small part of the value-added offerings we’re able to deliver to the partners that we work with. Other value-added services include:

Contact Answer United today to learn more about each of these services and how they may be able to help take your business to the next level.

Our retention rate is one of the highest in the industry, with several agents having 15 years or more of service with our company. This is how we’ve earned the reputation for answering 80% of our calls within three rings – providing the nation with the most reliable answering service for more than four decades.

If you are currently in a relationship with an ad response and order processing service that’s unable to meet your expectations, the consequences can be devastating. We are an award-winning, reputable ad response and order processing service provider.

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