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Absentee Reporting Service

Work Never Calls Off—That’s Why You Need Employee Call Off Service

Feel as if monitoring employee absenteeism is becoming a full time job? Let Answer United manage your employee absentee reporting or employee call off service. Our agents are professionally trained to answer phone lines designated for employee call offs. By documenting absences in clear and accurate detail, our expert agents help ensure consistent adherence to your time-off policy.

As a national leader in the telephone answering and call center industry, Answer United has almost half a century of experience in business communications. We have managed employee absenteeism reporting for industries of all kinds and sizes. Whether your organization is a busy medical facility, property management firm, or large retail or industrial enterprise, Answer United will customize the absentee reporting system to meet your specific needs, practices, and policies.

Consider the benefits of our employee call off service.

Our accurate, verifiable, and independent records . . .

  • Reduce grievances and support compliance with both company policies and union procedures.
  • Deter the abuse of time-off policies, which in turn helps increase productivity and morale.
  • Eliminate disputes over whether or not an employee has called-in
  • Are available through our 24-hour services, thus saving valuable time and human resources

Features of Absentee Reporting Service:

Coded Verification

We use cutting-edge technology to provide a verifiable tracking system. Your company is provided a local or toll free number for your employees to call when reporting an absence. Our professionally trained telephone agents answer calls in your company name, record any information you require for your records, and provide the caller with a coded verification number. The agents then notify the appropriate department within your organization.

Convenient, Customized Message Distribution

We provide a variety of flexible message-delivery options. Select from any of these options: email, fax, text message, web retrieval, voicemail, or live agent. This allows us to report absences quickly, using the method that is most convenient for you.

Computer-generated time and date stamp reporting service

All calls are recorded and assigned a computer generated time and date stamp for complete quality assurance. We can easily provide reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports can be delivered by fax, email, or downloadable file.

Cost-Effective Connections

We ensure that our solution will meet both your needs and your budget. For example, Answer United works with all major long distance carriers to determine the best way to route employee call-offs to our call center. Options include providing separate local or nationwide 800 numbers, or using your already established telephone number.

Together, we can reduce absenteeism and help your company achieve its true productivity potential. Our own retention rate is one of the highest in the industry, with several agents who have served with our company for 15 years or more. That’s how we’ve earned the reputation for answering 80% of our calls within three rings, providing businesses just like yours with the most reliable answering service in the nationwide

As for absenteeism, consider this: If you are currently working with a vendor whose customer service is notably absent, give us a try At Answer United, we never miss a day’s work! As an award-winning call center service provider, we’re here for you 24/7.

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