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Product Recall Call Center

Call Center for Product Recalls

When your business has a product recall, the first concern is “how are we going to handle all the calls?” Provide the callers with the highest level of customer service for the product recall by choosing a proven leader, Answer United. We’ll become an extension of your company from onboarding, training and during the recall. Partnering with us on your recall means we are a seamless extension of your company.

Answer United has successfully done product recalls for Fortune 500 Company’s for 50+ years and received countless awards for our service. Answer United’s call center has a successful track record doing product recalls.  For instance, we recently completed a multi-million unit recall with high praise from our client.

According to industry estimates, some 300 product recalls are issued each year – and this is a number that has increased year-over-year due to factors that include the increasing complexity of the supply chain, tougher regulations and simple human error. The bottom line is that mistakes happen – but when they do, it’s important to do right by your customers and have a response that’s reflective of your firm’s core values. You also should be bracing for an influx of customer phone calls. On both fronts, Answer United can help.

When you work with Answer United for your product recall needs, you can ensure that professional agents are always standing by at all hours of the day to service your customers and make any error right. And getting out in front of things and making sure that you’re dedicating the appropriate resources to take care of your most important stakeholders – your customers – can go a long way toward restoring trust and ensuring that your clients come back and work with you.

Our Product Recall Call Center Can:

  • Answer your customers’ phone calls; we provide a 1-800 number
  • Precisely document details of the call and relay it to your organization in real-time
  • Scale up or down as needed in a cost effective manner based on volume
  • Serve as a help desk service to coordinate repairs / returns of defective parts / products & fulfill replacement items

Why You Need a Product Recall Call Center

A product recall often leads to a large amount of phone calls into your business. A sudden influx in call volume will impact your current customers and your employee’s business productivity. Eliminate the headache of excessive product recall calls. Let Answer United manage your product recall so you can focus on your core business.

Need Help Working on a Call Script?

If managing a product recall is uncharted territory for your firm, know that Answer United can do more than just establish a call center to handle your recall, but we can also help assist you with the call script to address your customers and any concerns they may have. Whether you have some ideas for a script and need it fine-tuned or just need a starting point to get you going, Answer United is here to help.

Precise Product Recall Documentation is Critical

Missing details with documentation on a product recall can make a costly endeavor even more costly. Our Product Recall service documentation will be precisely customized to your needs. We have 50+ years of experience on managing product recalls, so we have the experience to help ensure tight documentation. This in turn helps you with legal concerns, compliance and customer/product lists. Answer United has the experience to make a product recall less of a headache.

Product Recall Hotline

Your business will receive a toll-free number enabling your customers to call in for more information about your product recall. When your customers call this 24/7 product recall hotline, they will be greeted with a customized script on the product recall and receive further instructions. We have the ability to quickly scale up or down .  We also have the ability to serve as an overflow product recall hotline.

About Our Product Recall Call Center

Answer United is an inbound call center based in the United States. Let us show you what working with a quality call center and answering service looks like!  You will have piece of mind knowing that we are handling your Product Recall professionally and accurately.  Schedule a demo with us to learn more our experience with Product Recalls and why so many businesses choose us as their call center!

Some Examples of Recalls We Have Completed:

  • Appliance Recall Call Center
  • Automotive Recall Call Center
  • Beverage Recall Call Center
  • Car Recall Call Center
  • Electronic Recall Call Center
  • Hardware Recall Call Center
  • Medical Recall Call Center
  • Pet Food Recall Call Center
  • Software Recall Call Center
  • Toy Recall Call Center


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