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When Care is Your Business, Caring Communication Matters.

Why hire just any hospice answering service, when you can hire the best hospice answering or home healthcare answering service service?

Hang up on one-size-fits-all call centers.  At Answer United, we know that it takes more than generic skills to provide home healthcare answering services. That’s why our professional agents are trained in the specialized needs of medical communications. From at-home care to medical centers to hospice, we’ve earned the trust of health care industry leaders for over half a century.

Discover the Answer United Difference.

Our call center service for hospice & home health care industry is predicated on achieving the highest standard of client satisfaction. So calls are not just answered promptly, but also with sensitivity, discretion, and compassion. Not only that, but we offer you 24/7 staffing availability across the country. And yes, we’re fully HIPPA compliant.

Informed, Expert Help Your Patients Can Count On

Put yourself in your patient’s shoes for a moment. When they place a call to your home healthcare or hospice service, it’s likely not a call that they want to make. In fact, inquiring about end-of-life care or home healthcare for an ailing friend or family member is likely one of the more difficult calls that they’ll ever have to make. With that in mind, you don’t want to make them leave a message or speak with someone who can’t help them – and when you work with Answer United, you’ll never have to worry about that.

At Answer United, we pair our agents with the firms and markets that they have direct experience with so you can trust that we’re operating as a true extension of your business. Healthcare professionals shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their services are being misrepresented. Their patients and potential patients need to get the right information so that they can make the best decisions based on the details that are provided. Aside from this, our hospice answering service agents are also kind, caring, and helpful. Remember, this is likely to be one of the most difficult calls that your clients will ever have to make when it comes to a loved one. Make sure that they’re being helped the way that you would want to be helped. Answer United is here.

Focus on Health Care, Not Catch-up.

The core of your work makes a tremendous difference in the lives of your patients, clients, and their loved ones. Let Answer United free you from the mountain of communication tasks that can keep you from focusing on what matters most. Our home health care answering services ensure that

  • Every caller receives a caring, intelligent response.
  • All messages will be clear and accurate.
  • Appointments are made in accordance with your needs and convenience.
  • Call transfers are correctly and promptly routed to the appropriate health care professional.
  • Emergencies are managed appropriately, professionally, and humanely.

We Don’t “Act”—We Interact.

A call script can make or break a medical facility. In life and death matters, a generic script just won’t do. Over the years, our award-winning business answering services have reflected our dedication to excellence in communication. We’ll work closely with you to develop a sensitive and informed call script that meets the needs of clients and their loved ones with respect and practical information.

Get the Information You Need, in the Format You Prefer.

While you’re caring for clients, Answer United is caring for you. That includes offering you a message delivery system that’s tailored to your convenience. So you can choose from such delivery options as email, fax, text message, call-in retrieval, online access, live agent reporting, and more.

Find out how customizable our home healthcare and hospice answering service solutions can be.

To speak with a representative, please call 800-937-5900. Or contact us online with your detailed request. You’re there for others; Answer United is here for you.

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