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Dedicated Agents

Dedicated Agents Can Be the Most Cost Effective Solution For Your Business!

Your business can impress your customers and motivate them to deal with you if the people who answered your phone truly understood what your company is about. Answer United’s Dedicated Agent service makes this possible and assigns dedicated agents to your account who will answer your lines like your employees.

Do You Need Dedicated Agents?

For any business, their image is their most important asset. Consistent customer care is well and good but every business strives to provide excellent customer care. In instances when your customers have special needs or your product is “special”, you may need more than just a live service. This is where you can maximize your return with our Dedicated Agent solutions.

Our Dedicated Agent option is based on dedicated customer service that provides you distinguished support. Together, we’ll choose skilled agents who will work only for your company and we’ll get them trained with your core branding values. These agents will present a true and accurate picture of your company, giving you the edge you need to set yourselves apart.

Dedicated Agents are Always on Call

Outside of improved customer service, increased sales and faster response times, dedicated agents simply ensure that your business is always “on.” Whether it’s 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., your phones are always being answered so you don’t leave any current or prospective customers hanging. In addition to dedicated phone agents, we can also communicate with your clients via other mediums, including:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Social media direct message
  • Online chat
  • and more

Every Agent is Trained Before They Begin to Serve

Dedicated agents are given complete training about your business, products, services, and protocols. Only after this are they allowed to answer calls or emails. With every call they take and every customer they serve, their expertise grows and they become more skilled at knowing your business.

Before dedicated agents are appointed, we collaborate with you, determine your requirements, and then choose a team who meets those needs. The process is seamless from the start, beginning with the initial screening, the hiring and then the extensive training.

Pairing Industry Experience With Your Firm

Though we make it a point to train agents and ensure that they collaborate with your business before assuming the role of representing it in a customer service-focused role, there’s another key benefit to working with Answer United. For instance, with a staff of professional agents that have experience in a variety of industries, we also make it a point to pair agents with experience in the industry or market that your firm operates in.

This significantly reduces any learning curve between your firm and our agents, and also makes for better overall representation from a customer service standpoint. At Answer United, we strive to serve as a true extension of your business, and this strategy involves pairing our agents with the industry firms that they have the most experience with. This helps you relax knowing that your business is properly taken care of from a customer service standpoint so that you and any in-house staff members can truly focus on doing what you’re best at.

There are so many benefits associated with Dedicated Agents

We Deal With Your Customers While You Focus on the Core Aspects of Your Business

When a team of Dedicated Agents are there to listen to your customers and address their concerns, customer satisfaction go up. We treat your callers like your own employees.

Increase your response time

Generally, emails are addressed in a time period of 17 hours on average. Answer United helps you reduce this by offering a special team that handles live chat and email messages. With our assistance, none of your customers will be left unsatisfied because our agents will sort out their issues in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy a boost in your sales

Knowledgeable employees are capable of closing 33% more sales than an average employee. When you choose Dedicated Agents, you have your own team which is given complete knowledge about your business. Let this team become your call center, and you’ll see more orders, happier customers and an increase in revenue.

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