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Broadcasting Messages to Your Customers or Employees

Our mass communication service allows your business to efficiently communicate to a huge group of employees or customers simultaneously. Answer United clients love using this technology to get a message out quickly & efficiently. Use our text broadcasting system to alert employees of something that is pertinent to their daily commute, or use our voice broadcasting with your customers, alerting them of something critical regarding your product or services. The use applications of our mass communication services are endless!

When News Breaks or Plans Change, How Are You Communicating to Your Staff?

A sudden office shutdown. An emergency situation. A product recall that’s already leaking out to the press.

When news breaks or plans change, the most important people to communicate with are your team members. It’s important to let them know about the situation, how it affects them and what action – if any – they need to take. For example, in the event of a publicized product recall, it’s important team members know of the steps your organization is planning to take to address it and what to do if they’re contacted by a member of the media. If your office is suddenly closed, workers need to know whether or not they need to report to work elsewhere. And any emergency situation should definitely be communicated internally in the spirit of transparency with your staff.

While an all-company email is one way to do this – let’s face it, not everyone reads emails the moment they come in. But a text message or automated phone call is an immediate point of contact. That’s where Answer United’s mass communication service can truly help. Communications can be customized to go to a certain team, department or all staff members.

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Check-In Line

A dedicated phone number can be called by thousands of simultaneous callers. The caller receives a recorded message that identifies, or states circumstances important to the caller. For example, a weather line to make sure the company or plant location is open. There are many applications this program can address for your employees and customers.

Voice Broadcasting

An outbound recorded call that can go to a predetermined list of employees or customers identifying a circumstance or condition they need to know about. Works alone or hand in hand with the Check-In Line and the Text Broadcasting. It allows you to contact people via phone, then they all get the same coordinated message spoken to them. It will leave a voice mail as well for locations that do not answer live.

Text Broadcasting

Text a team, group, shift, plant, or entire company, the same coordinated message instantly. This feature can work in tandem with the Voice Broadcasting or Check In Line, or it can work on its own.

United States Based Call Center

Answer United is one of the most reputable answering services in the industry, providing live telephone answering service, call center services and outsourcing services for over 60 years. With 24 x 7 live answering services, we serve thousands of customers all across the United States. Answer United works with clients that range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with large call volumes. We are an award winning, United States based call center.

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When it comes to communicating important and timely news, don’t just think an email is the only thing you should do. A good, effective plan should include more timely methods of communication, such as text messages and automated phone calls. That’s where Answer United can help. For more information about Answer United’s mass communication services, contact us today at 800-937-5900.

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