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As a nationally recognized virtual answering service company, Answer United has provided live virtual receptionist service, virtual receptionists, web-enabled agents, and live chat capabilities to organizations large and small for over four decades.

Available to our clients on a 24/7 basis, Answer United’s award-winning team of live virtual receptionist agents has been trained to interact with your customers in a highly professional manner—the same way that you would treat them yourself.  By providing instant responses to queries, we will keep your customers happy, and they’ll never even realize that we’re not answering from your office.

We serve businesses of all sizes and types, from medical offices to work-at-home freelancers. Our virtual answering service and live virtual receptionist service solutions are highly customizable, enabling us to tailor a messaging and dispatch package that meets your business requirements.

Phone call, website and e-mail inquiry, appointment request, and emergency response services

  • With your help, we will compose custom scripts that our agents use to answer your customers’ emails and calls.
  • Our trained agents answer your customers’ emails and calls with courtesy and professionalism.
  • We operate under the belief that retaining new customers is as important as maintaining sound relationships with existing customers.
  • Using your website and other materials that you provide; we will inform prospective clients of the service and product benefits available to them.

Virtual Call Center Service Features:

Custom On-Screen Scripts

Ensuring that the correct information is conveyed to your customers

Combining our respective expertise, we work with you to draft a customized script that will appear on our agent’s screen when a customer calls us.  These scripts ensure that your customers benefit from accurate, prompt, professional service.  In addition, we can pop up your website on our agents’ screens to ensure that they have access to the most complete information possible.  If your customers request more detailed responses, we will direct them to your cellphone, voicemail, pager, or any other contact method that you specify.  This ensures that your customers receive the quickest response to their inquiries.

Web Interaction

Upgrade your web page with real-time interaction
By placing a special icon on your web page, you give visitors the ability to request an “Agent Callback” or launch a real-time “Live Chat” through instant messaging (IM) with one of our trained agents. The website visitor can click a link to request a callback or utilize a message pad to communicate with one of our agents. As soon as the visitor selects an option, our agent is notified by an on-screen pop-up to inform them of the callback or live chat request. There is no additional software required.

Instant Call Messaging & Retrieval

Receive messages instantly and securely
All incoming messages are accurately typed out, thus eliminating the possibility of unreadable messages.  With Answer United, you have the flexibility of selecting the mode of communication that you deem most appropriate for retrieving your messages.  Stored by our Express Message Retrieval System, these messages can be faxed, emailed, paged, or sent to your cell phone via IM, PDA, SMS, or pager.

Receive Call Reports

Computer-generated time and date stamp reporting

For quality assurance purposes, all calls received by Answer United are recorded and given a computer-generated stamp that indicates the date and time of receipt.  We can easily provide a variety of customized reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your preferences.  You can elect to have these reports sent to you through fax, email, or a downloadable file.

As a business, it should be your goal to be there for your clients on the portals that they use so that you can deliver the answers or information that they’re looking for when they need it. For instance, an office worker might not have the time during their workday to call your business by phone, but live chat might work for them. This office worker – and his/her needs – is just as important to serve as the customer that’s able to contact your business via phone.

That’s where Answer United can step up to the plate to deliver for your customers. With a complete portfolio of service offerings designed to improve your firm’s customer service and empower your customers and potential customers with the information that they need, when they need it, we’re a full-service solution and can address some of your firm’s most pressing needs. Contact us today to learn about our virtual assistant offering and all of the other ways we can help take your business to the next level.

Answer United’s Other Value-Added Services

While Answer United’s core service offering remains call answering via phone, we also offer a variety of other value-added services to help take your business to the next level by improving your customer service. Here’s a closer look at the ways we can partner with you:

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If you are currently in a relationship with a company that is unable to meet your expectations, the consequences can be devastating. We are an award-winning, reputable telephone answering and virtual receptionist service provider.

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