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Our answering services are designed to meet the demands of your HVAC and refrigeration business.

Answer United is better, smarter, faster.

Anyone can pick up a phone. But not anyone can ensure that all customer inquiries, messages, emails, and appointment requests are handled with expertise. At Answer United, we offer affordable solutions that are geared to the unique needs of HVAC and refrigeration professionals. Solutions that will save you time, maximize your opportunities, and safeguard your information.

Stay on Call 24/7 with Answer United After-Hours Call Answering

Even if you’ve left the office for the day, your company doesn’t take a night off. And if your HVAC firm offers after-hours appointments and emergency service, it’s imperative that your clients have a way to reach you when they need an issue resolved that can’t wait until morning. That’s where Answer United’s after-hours answering services for HVAC companies can help. Our agents are on call after you’ve locked up for the day to take calls and determine if the problem needs immediate attention or if an appointment can be scheduled at a later date. And if immediate attention is required, we’ll then contact you and your technicians to address it. It’s an ideal way to streamline after-hours service without having to literally be “on-call” or requiring your clients to leave messages and wait for a callback.

You likely don’t need us to tell you that most after-hours calls aren’t true emergencies and can be resolved in the following days. But when an emergency does arise, we’ll be sure to work with you and the client to get it addressed.

Dedicated Agents for Your Industry

Our HVAC answering service doesn’t just pair any agents with your business – we pair dedicated agents with experience in the HVAC and service industries with your business. This gives you greater confidence that the business you worked so hard to build will be represented correctly by agents who know your industry, the challenges your customers face, and even how to troubleshoot certain issues before scheduling a service appointment. It’s all a part of improving the customer service experience and earning new and repeat business.

Online, On Task— Even When You’re Out on the Job.

We can also web-enable your business to maximize your effectiveness. Our many web services can make your website more customer-friendly while helping you cut down on email tasks.

What’s more, the professionals at Answer United are trained to understand the essentials of your profession. So whether out on a call or off on vacation, your business won’t skip a beat. Thanks to our customizable message delivery, you’ll be fully informed about every call and appointment. You can even choose how you’d like us to update you—by email, text, voicemail, fax, or a phone call from a live agent.

Don’t let the highly competitive HVAC and refrigeration business burn you out. Discover how our range of answering services can help you stay cool, collected, and in control.

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