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50+ Years Experience Answering Phones for Dental Offices

When patients contact your office, you want them to be met with a courteous and helpful greeting. However, when your office is busy, your employee in turn becomes busy multi-tasking. Handling a surge of calls, along with patients walking into the office and a myriad of other tasks can make it so no one is feeling great about their experience, your employee included! Does this sound like your dental practice? If so, don’t worry, Answer United has the Dental Answering Service experience to help!

HIPAA Compliant Dental Answering Service

Answer United is a HIPAA compliant answering service.  We truly understand the security needs of your patient’s data and know that being a great dental answering service means adhering strictly to HIPAA guidelines.  When it comes to patient’s data and privacy, we understand how critical this is to your dental practice.

After Hours Dental Answering Service

Some offices prefer that we take the calls after-hours for those emergency situations.  For example a patient loses a permanent tooth or has a terrible amount of pain.  In those situations, we can connect the patient to the on-call dentist.  For the after hour calls that are not an emergency, we can take a message and send it to the office via email.

Dental Answering Service With Compassion

One of the most important, often overlooked items is showing compassion.  When a patient calls after hours, it’s usually an urgent situation.  It’s important that a dentist choose an answering service that cares about their patients.  We treat all of our callers needs with the respect and urgency they desire.  Answer United’s team is comprised of agents who understand that professionalism is of the utmost importance.  That’s why we’ve been doing this successfully for over 50 years, winning awards along the way for quality.

If your dental answering service isn’t meeting your needs or if you are a dentist wanting to try an answering service, give Answer United a shot.  Fill out our form below to speak to one of our representatives or schedule a demo conveniently via the website today.

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