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Emergency Dispatch Service

In Times of an Emergency, You Want to Know That You Have a Reliable Partner.

Answering your phones during this critical time is very important. You can rely on Answer United.

Emergencies can strike at any time of the day, any time of the year, and when this happens, you should be prepared. Handling these calls efficiently is a must because the success of your business depends on it. In instances like these, you will require knowledgeable and confident agents who can reassure your clients and let them know you are prepared. Answer United’s Emergency Dispatch Service is what you need when a crisis occurs. We will take charge and help you resolve all issues which your clients are facing. Our agents will deliver information accurately and quickly to your callers.

We will make sure that all your requirements are met while dealing with your callers. Following your criteria and adhering to the protocols you specify, we will collaborate with you until a solution has been sought.

Features of Our Emergency Dispatch Answering Service

  • An on-call web scheduler provides you complete control over the processes followed by our agents.
  • If a call is urgent or critical, we will transfer it to one of your representatives, as specified by your needs.
  • Messages are delivered in accordance with the options you choose which include telephone calls, emails, text message, and call transfers.
  • Every call is recorded and available on our web portal. You can listen to these calls whenever you want.
  • A professional and skilled team takes care of all your customers and employees, providing you with peace of mind.

How Does Our Emergency Dispatch Service Work?

We have a proficient team that has been trained to be efficient and calm in the most drastic situations. Offering you availability 24 hours every day, Answer United provides you with speedy notification services. We answer all your calls and keep both you and your clients abreast with all happenings and updates.

Answer United’s team will work with you and come up with a plan. Detailed procedures will be specified and protocols will be determined. Using these, we will know exactly whom to contact in every specific situation which we may come across.

If you want, you can customize messages, and we will take the responsibility of sending them to the specified individuals. We’ll also route calls to you if any need arises.

Emergency Dispatch Answering Service wWill Help You In:

  • Building a professional image of yourself and your business. With our efficient and quick responses, your customers will have more trust in you.
  • Reducing expenses because there is no equipment to buy or no additional staff to hire. You focus on dealing with the situation while we will concentrate on addressing your customers.

Deal With Emergencies in an Efficient and Reliable Manner From Now Onwards

Want to use our Emergency Dispatch service? Get in touch with us for more information. We’ll help you prepare and make sure that we satisfy both you and your clients. Until everything is well under control, Answer United will not leave your side.

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