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A nationwide company, Answer United is one of the most reputable answering services in the industry, providing live telephone answering service, call center services and outsourcing services for over 50 years. With 24 x 7 live answering services, we currently serve more than 1,200 customers, both locally and nationally, with all services performed in the U.S. – we never outsource services off-shore. Answer United works with clients that range from independent, freelance home offices and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with large call volumes.

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An established, reputable business partner

Answer United has been in business for almost 60 years and understands the phone answering service and call center business. The owners are active in day-to-day operations, alongside management personnel, with a combined experience of over 140 years.

State-of-the-Art, Web-Enabled Equipment

An industry leader in technology

All of our agent stations and telephony systems are based on cutting-edge technology, which allows for accuracy and dependable performance day in and day out. Our call centers easily integrate with your website so agents can interact with people visiting your website seamlessly and on-call schedules can be entered, edited, and reviewed in real-time from our website. Many message delivery options are available including e-mail, web portal access, SMS (text), paging, voice mail, and fax.

Quality Standards

Advanced training and coaching keep agents professional

Full-time trainers and interactive training programs combine to provide an effective six-week training program prior to any agents going online. There is one (1) supervisor for every eight (8) agents to provide coaching, readily available help, and support to keep agent skills honed and professional, ensuring quality for our clients. We also have weekly monitoring programs, where agents receive feedback on their work from the previous week – updating agents and management on the services being provided. All calls are also recorded as industry standard wave files and placed into a searchable database for easy retrieval and playback of any call.

Low Turnover

Our retention rate is one of the highest in the industry

Our wages, benefit program and work environment allow us to attract and retain qualified agents. Our retention of agents is above average at 33 months, with several having 15 years or more service. We believe happy, healthy employees appreciate and take pride in their work, which results in a higher quality of service for our customers.


A commitment to protecting the integrity and secrecy of our clients’ data

Maximum security is always our focus, especially in the design of our equipment and procedures. Protecting our clients’ information and ensuring the safety of our employees are of utmost importance to us. That is why we employ such procedures as: twenty-four hour camera monitoring; electronic key pad access; extensive password protection; data archiving and encryption; recording and logging of all conversations; emergency power generation and full-time staff, to name a few.

Full-Time Customer & Computer Support

Ensuring quality service at all times

Each account is assigned a full-time customer service representative so all client questions and concerns are answered promptly and consistently. We also employ full-time system engineering personnel to provide preventative maintenance and around-the-clock coverage in case of technical problems. In addition we maintain annual vendor maintenance contracts to ensure immediate support should critical systems fail, and all of our computers and computer systems have scheduled backup intervals and an individual assigned to ensure that backups are done. Battery backup and generators are used to maintain power during outages. Answer United maintains contracts with multiple Tier-1 telecommunications providers and diverse paths into our facility to ensure maximum uptime and reliability of our telecommunications infrastructure.

Answer United agents perform to a set of strict quality standards We answer 80% of all calls within the first three rings.

If you are currently in a relationship with an answering service that’s unable to meet your expectations, the consequences of operator errors can be devastating. Call us today to learn more.

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