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Complaint Line

Our award-winning virtual receptionists provide instant responses to complaints with our complaint line, keeping your customers happy. Our complaint lines are highly customizable, enabling us to tailor a message & dispatch process that meets your business needs.  We provide your customers with a toll-free number available to them 24/7 for complaints. Being in business for almost 60 years has provided us with the experience to handle complaints with care.

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  • Custom Scripting and Ability to Transfer a Live Call
  • Ability to Transfer Call or Deliver Message Immediately
  • See and Listen to Calls Online in Web-Based Dashboard
  • Both Phone & Email Complaints Answered and Monitored
  • Complaints Can Be Heard 24/7
  • Monitor Feedback Trends in Online Dashboard


Custom Scripting & Dispatching

We compose custom scripts that our live agents use to answer your customers’ emails and calls 24/7. We send out messages to your staff instantly based on your preferences.

Message Available Instantly in Online Dashboard

Our trained agents answer your customers’ calls and instantly the call information, call recording and message are available in our online portal.

Online Dashboard Identifies Trends

Our proprietary online dashboard will help you identify trends with complaints by hour of day or day of week. Zero in on when your business is not performing it’s best so you can fix the root cause of the problem.

Identify Priority Complaints & Solve Them Quicker

For anyone that states they are ill, injured, or with the press, we can send the call directly to management, live in real-time.

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