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Imagine if you could run your law firm without running yourself ragged. You’d say goodbye to phone tag, yet never miss a client’s call. You’d focus on using your expertise, yet have more time to grow your business.

For over 50 years, some of the most demanding client law firms in the nation have depended on the call center service of Answer United. That’s because our answering service does so much more than taking calls. Our highly trained agents understand the specialized communication needs of the legal profession. So you gain a seamless extension of your in-office staff—24/7 and nationwide.

Practice Law, Instead of Playing Catch-up.

With Answer United, messages are clear, detailed, and accurate. Call transfers are smooth and go to precisely the right person. As for our call scripts, they’re anything but generic. That’s because we work closely with you to craft a script that truly reflects your professional brand, your office policies and procedures, and your specific needs.

Extend Your Efficiency.

You’ve got better things to do than plow through email. Our email reading and response service is just one of the many ways that our web services keep you up to date.

Control, Convenience, Choice— It’s All Up to You.

Some call center services limit the options for message delivery—their method, their format, take it or leave it. Why settle? At ANSWER UNITED, we believe in working to a higher standard of customer satisfaction. So you can choose from a wide variety of message delivery options, including email, fax, text message, call-in retrieval, live agent reporting, business answering service and more.

Build Up Business, Don’t Get Bogged Down.

With Answer United, you’ll never miss a critical call, no matter how busy you are—or even when you need a break. Our agents are trained in everything from meeting day-to-day client requests and scheduling appointments to managing emergencies and handling the most sensitive calls. From our state-of-the art technology to our consummate professionalism, we support the growth of your law firm every step of the way.

Let us represent you, so you can represent your clients. Find out how our award-winning legal answering services can contribute to your success.

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