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The Importance of Customer Service for Any Organization

The quality of the customer service that your firm offers can spell the difference between consumers continuing to do business with you or opting to take their money elsewhere. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 70 percent of all consumers are likely to spend more money with a business that offers exceptional customer service compared to one that does not. In addition to increased revenue from consumers, excellent customer service is also likely to spur positive online reviews and word of mouth referrals, which can continue to drive a business forward.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to underestimate the importance of the customer service that your firm offers. A good, loyal customer is estimated to be 10 times more valuable than their initial purchase. Answer United can help your firm improve its customer service and establish a competitive advantage over your competition.

A national leader in the telephone answering, customer service, call center, and help desk industry, Answer United has been providing these services to businesses of all sizes for more than four decades.  Available 24/7, our award-winning agents will treat your callers in the same professional, courteous manner in which you would answer your own phone.


  • Provides a personal approach in dealing with customers after hours
  • Gives small businesses a larger, more professional image
  • Frees your staff to do other, more important work
  • You only pay for the time you use
  • Ideal for medical practitioners, service companies, sales organizations

The Answer United Difference in Customer Service

  • We’ll meet your clients on their time on the mediums that they’re using. Whether it’s via the phone, text messaging, email, live chat, social media direct messaging or another medium, our agents are trained to communicate on all of these mediums.
  • We’ll assist your firm with call scripts to capture the tone and style that suits your brand.
  • We offer value-added service that can help improve the overall customer experience, such as emergency dispatch and call overflow services.
  • We’ll answer your calls and messages 24/7 so you never have to worry about missing another call again.
  • We’ll make appointments, refill prescriptions and carry out other administrative tasks, helping take this workload off your firm’s hands. This can enhance productivity and efficiency.


Connecting Your Customers

Cutting-edge technology provides cost-effective results
Answer United works with all major long-distance carriers to determine the best way to route your calls to our center – providing separate local or nationwide 800 numbers – or using your already established telephone number – to take all calls, overflow calls, or after-hour calls.  All incoming calls are disbursed to the properly trained agents using our digital automatic call distribution (ACD) system – allowing us to answer multiple, simultaneous calls.

Custom, On-Screen Scripts

Ensures proper information is provided for your customers
We combine our experiences by working with you to compose a custom script that shows up on-screen when your customers call.  This ensures that your customers receive prompt, exceptional customer care with accuracy and integrity.  We can also pop up your web page on our agent screens when receiving a call for you, ensuring they are equipped with all possible information available.  Should your calls need more detailed advice from your staff, we can direct your callers to your voice mail, ensuring them that they will receive prompt attention from a professional who can answer their detailed inquiries.

Web Interaction

Enhance your web page with live interaction
You can integrate an icon on your web page and anyone browsing your website will have the ability to either ask for an “Agent Callback” or have a “Live Chat” with one of our agents through instant messaging (IM) in real-time.  Your visitor can then either click a link on your web page to request a callback or they can have a message pad appear to type messages back and forth with our agent.  At the same time, your account pops up in front of one of our agents letting them know a call back has been requested or they can instantly start typing messages for a live chat.  No additional software is necessary.

Instant Call Messaging & Retrieval

Receive messages instantly and securely
All messages are typed into our computers, eliminating unreadable messages.

We offer the convenience and flexibility of allowing you to choose whichever mode of communication is most effective for you to retrieve your messages.  You can obtain your messages from our Express Message Retrieval system, have them faxed, paged, emailed, or even sent to your cell phone via SMS, IM, PDA, or pager.

Receive Call Reports

Computer-generated time and date stamp reporting
All calls are recorded and given a computer-generated time and date stamp for complete quality assurance.  We can easily provide a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can be customized to fit your specifications.  These reports can be delivered in different formats including fax, email, or a downloadable file.

Our retention rate is one of the highest in the industry, with several agents having 15 years or more of service with our company.  This is how we’ve earned the reputation for answering 80% of our calls within three rings – providing the nation with the most reliable answering service for more than four decades.

If you are currently in a relationship with a company that is unable to meet your expectations, the consequences can be devastating. We are an award-winning, reputable telephone answering, help desk, and customer service provider.

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