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Automated Absentee Service

Employees Call Off; You Need a Employee Call Off Service

Employees call off, and the more employees, the greater the number of employee calls offs.  At some point the burden becomes too much and the need for an outsourced employee call out solution becomes quite attractive for HR managers.

Answer United’s Automated Absentee Service will save your company time, money and reduce disputes that often lead to costly litigation.  Answer United uses technology to streamline the process and documents every detail with our automated employee call off service.  The use of technology streamlines the call process making it very cost-effective for your business.

Save Money, Streamline Efficiency, Automated Absentee Service

One of the most valuable aspects of Answer United’s automated absentee service is how affordable it is. Costing just pennies per day – a significant cost savings over hiring an in-house staff to manage absentee reporting – it will take care of an essential task without representing a big hit to your bottom line. This allows you to free up other in-house staff members to work on other things while an expert, such as Answer United, takes care of absentee reporting.

And if you want to kick things up a notch and have live call out services, Answer United can take care of that as well. Our live absentee answering service works in a similar fashion to the automated absentee service, except your employees will be greeted by a live agent and not an automated message. Services are available in up to 24 different languages and can be delivered either by voice or text.

Contact Answer United today to learn more about the value proposition of both our automated and live absentee answering services.

Robust Absentee Reporting

In addition to covering the essential task of answering your employees calls, Answer United will also work to provide you with comprehensive data related to employee absences and absence reasons. This empowers your business to make more informed decisions about how to manage decisions as it pertains to their personnel. It can allow Human Resources to intervene with solutions more quickly. When it comes to automated absentee reporting, all calls are documented, so you will never miss a reason for an employee’s absence.

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How The Automated Employee Call Off System Works:


Employee Calls Into Phone Number (Phone Number Cards Available)


Answer United Technology Answers Line & Provides Questions that Employee Answers


Questions Asked: Employee ID, Absent/Late, Absence Reason (Return Date, Location & Shift Optional)


Verification Code is Given to Employee & Manager is notified. (Email/Text is Sent)

Additional Features of Our Automated Employee Call Off Service:


Answer United’s Automated Call Off Service Costs Pennies Per Employee Per Day!

“We have used the absentee service for over five years at our plant, and it has been a tremendous benefit.  I highly recommend your absentee service.”

— Scarlet Braddy, HR Coordinator, Bogalusa Box Plant 501

Looking for a live absentee answering service? Check out our Live Absentee Answering Service, it offers a higher level of customization compared to the automated employee call off service.

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