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As a funeral home director, you know how important it is for loved ones to feel connected during a time of loss. During such a vulnerable time, the need for sensitive and courteous communication is essential. At Answer United, we offer funeral home answering services that honor the dignity of your profession and the needs of your clients. Like you, we’re committed to providing outstanding service that is grounded in compassion. Over the years, our call center service has been praised as highly responsive, accurate and caring. Perhaps that’s because we have consistently pursued excellence for 50+ years.
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We also appreciate that even the most selfless and caring funeral home professional can’t hold down the fort 24 hours a day. We have developed funeral home answering services to meet the unique needs of your profession, including:

  • Responding to all calls with promptness and compassion
  • Representing your products and services accurately and with sensitivity
  • And adhering to your preferred communications guidelines

Let Us Support You in Supporting Others.

Our dedicated and highly trained agents offer a higher standard of funeral home answering service than you would experience with ordinary call centers. At Answer United, we understand that listening matters as much as speaking and that every single call is of the utmost importance.

We respect and value all of the clients who have placed their trust in us. In each of our customizable answering services for funeral homes, our goal is to make your work easier. So you can focus on the most vital aspects of that work.

Learn how our custom scripts, message delivery options, and other best practices can help your funeral home serve the community.

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Choosing the Best Funeral Home Answering Service

It takes a lot to run a funeral home. You need to provide compassionate, dignified services while helping grieving individuals navigate the first days without their loved one. You not only need the services of your staff during regular business hours, but you need to be available for hurting families in the middle of the night, as well.

Of all industries, those in the funeral industry know that there is no such thing as set office hours. Emergencies and needs arise at all times of day and night. Holidays, weekends, and vacation days can all get interrupted if a grieving individual needs you to answer the call and begin funeral preparations for a loved one.

Providing this kind of around-the-clock service can be difficult if you don’t have a company like Answer United working for you. If you try to handle this on your own, it means you’re getting woken up at all hours, you’re pulled from family dinners, and you’re never able to relax when you take a vacation day. When you hire Answer United, you can rest, knowing every call will get answered no matter whether you’re there or not.

Provide Compassionate, Professional Answering Service 24/7

Our staff members are trained to interact with the hurting, grieving families that need your services. That means your clients will be responded to professionally and compassionately. It’s not enough to be courteous when talking with a hurting loved one. They need the special touch of someone with compassion and understanding on the other end of the line. And that’s what our Answer United answering service specialists provide.

We are an industry leader for how quickly we answer the phone. Our answering service professionals are specifically trained in responding to and answering questions from grieving individuals. We are also fully HIPPA compliant, so you’ll never have to wonder about the privacy of your clients’ information.

At Answer United, we’ll keep personal information safe, respond to all calls with compassion, and provide a much-needed human touch every time someone calls into your funeral home.

Complete Support Answering Services for your Funeral Home

As an answering service, we strive to provide services that meet your needs. That means we go beyond merely answering the phone and responding to general questions. When we handle calls that come into your funeral home, we can offer you a wide array of services such as:

        Answering basic questions
        Forwarding messages to the correct on-call staff member
        Provide custom greetings
        Provide funeral service and visitation details to mourners
        Send you messages via text, email, phone call, and voicemail
        Provide you with a copy of every call we take

If you want an answering service that can do it all, Answer United is here to help. Thanks to our professional software, you can allow us to see the events occurring at your funeral home on any given day. Then, when mourners call in to request information regarding a specific funeral, we can tell them the time, date, and location of the visitation, wake, viewing, or funeral service. We can also provide other details that are linked to your calendar, such as parking instructions, driving instructions, and location details once they arrive at your location.

Let Your Reputation Shine with Customizable Answering Services

No two funeral homes are the same, and it’s vital to hire an answering service that will help your reputation shine. We work with funeral homes across the nation and understand that each has different methods for greeting their customers, specific steps for initial inquiries, and varying protocols for immediate needs.

At Answer United, we specialize in providing customized answering services for your business. We offer options such as custom greetings, scripts, message sending, and more. We work directly with you to develop a script that sounds like you. This way, when grieving individuals call in, and we pick up the phone, we’ll sound like we’re right inside your front office.

Not just any answering service company can handle calls of this nature. At Answer United, we have nearly 60 years of providing answering services to funeral homes across the nation. We know how to provide the quality, professional, custom, and compassionate service needed most by those who call your business.

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