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You Honor the Public Trust. We Help Make That Easier.

When public service is your daily work, depend on the answering service that delivers excellence every day.

At Answer United, we provide the best government answering services. That’s because we offer all the communication resources you need to maintain 24-hour nationwide responsiveness. Having been at the forefront of the communications industry for 50 years, we’ve innovated the solutions that will take you into the future. We recognize the increasing demands placed on local, state, and federal government agencies today, and we’re here to help you meet them.

You Serve the Public, We Serve You.

Every service we provide is premised on helping you fulfill your public mandate—no matter what time, budget, or workload constraints you may be up against. Think of our call center service as the staff you always wished you had. So you can achieve more good, with less effort. Focus on your fundamental commitment to the public good while we take on the burden of answering calls, directing inquiries, scheduling appointments, and providing other information services.

Experience the Benefits of a Better Answering Service.

At Answer United, we do a lot more than answer the phone. Our knowledgeable agents are trained to communicate in the specialized terms of your agency or department. We’re technologically up to date, equipped with backup generators, and always ready for change—from heavy call volumes to emergency situations. No wonder Answer United has surpassed and outlasted many other call center services.

Transition From Effort to Effectiveness.

When you work with Answer United, expect clear, accurate messages, smooth call transfers, and optimal scheduling of appointments. Go to a meeting—or go on vacation—confident that calls are being answered, correctly assessed and directed, and that all information relayed on your behalf is accurate and appropriate. Discover the difference between the bland call scripts of less experienced services and our fully customized call scripts—carefully crafted scripts that reflect the policies, principles, and communications style of your department or agency.

Enjoy More Options Than Ever.

Some answering services dictate how messages will be answered and delivered. At Answer United, we answer to you. We’re committed to the principle that customer satisfaction means offering a complete range of options designed to maximize your convenience. So whether you would like your messages delivered by email, fax, text message, pager alert, call-in retrieval, or live agent reporting, we’re here to make it happen.

Discover a Better Way of Doing “The People’s Business.”

You work hard to make our nation a great place to live. Find out how our award-winning government answering services can support your dedication.

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