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You Honor the Public Trust. We Help Make That Easier.

When public service is your daily work, depend on the answering service that delivers excellence every day.

At Answer United, we provide the best government answering services. That’s because we offer all the communication resources you need to maintain 24-hour nationwide responsiveness. Having been at the forefront of the communications industry for 50 years, we’ve innovated the solutions that will take you into the future. We recognize the increasing demands placed on local, state, and federal government agencies today, and we’re here to help you meet them.

You Serve the Public, We Serve You.

Every service we provide is premised on helping you fulfill your public mandate—no matter what time, budget, or workload constraints you may be up against. Think of our call center service as the staff you always wished you had. So you can achieve more good, with less effort. Focus on your fundamental commitment to the public good while we take on the burden of answering calls, directing inquiries, scheduling appointments, and providing other information services.

Experience the Benefits of a Better Answering Service.

At Answer United, we do a lot more than answer the phone. Our knowledgeable agents are trained to communicate in the specialized terms of your agency or department. We’re technologically up to date, equipped with backup generators, and always ready for change—from heavy call volumes to emergency situations. No wonder Answer United has surpassed and outlasted many other call center services.

Transition From Effort to Effectiveness.

When you work with Answer United, expect clear, accurate messages, smooth call transfers, and optimal scheduling of appointments. Go to a meeting—or go on vacation—confident that calls are being answered, correctly assessed and directed, and that all information relayed on your behalf is accurate and appropriate. Discover the difference between the bland call scripts of less experienced services and our fully customized call scripts—carefully crafted scripts that reflect the policies, principles, and communications style of your department or agency.

Enjoy More Options Than Ever.

Some answering services dictate how messages will be answered and delivered. At Answer United, we answer to you. We’re committed to the principle that customer satisfaction means offering a complete range of options designed to maximize your convenience. So whether you would like your messages delivered by email, fax, text message, pager alert, call-in retrieval, or live agent reporting, we’re here to make it happen.

Discover a Better Way of Doing “The People’s Business.”

You work hard to make our nation a great place to live. Find out how our award-winning government answering services can support your dedication.

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Government Answering Services with Answer United

Whether you work in or run a government agency, helping others is your primary responsibility. All levels of government carry out the primary task of aiding citizens to ensure this nation runs as smoothly as possible. From the DMV to the Whitehouse, you have a lot on your shoulders as you carry out your daily tasks and responsibilities. The last thing you need is one more to-do item taking up what precious time you have.

Making sure you’re connecting with the people you need to help, you’re able to set appointments, and you can adequately provide the lines of communication necessary for your job is a lot for anyone. That’s why government offices and agencies love partnering with Answer United to provide these types of services.

Customized Answering Services

Answer United has nearly 60 years of experience providing answering services for businesses, government offices, medical care, and industry niches across the nation. We mean it when we say we understand what it takes to provide around-the-clock service you can depend on. We also know what it takes to provide you with the types of customized services that help your office run efficiently.

Each government office requires slightly different answering service needs, and we’re happy to help come up with a solution that meets your needs. What types of customized services do we offer? We can provide you with options such as:

        24/7 live call answering
        Message taking
        Appointment scheduling
        Receptionist services
        After-hours and emergency call dispatch

In addition to services like these, we’ll help you come up with a custom script, so we’ll answer calls just the way you want us to. With custom scripts, slogans, and phrases, we’ll sound like we’re a receptionist inside your office rather than a call center in Michigan.

We’ll add the professional touch you want to every single interaction with callers, whether they need information about your office hours or they’re calling to follow up on a query or request submitted to your office.

Answering Services You Can Depend On

The public depends on you to keep the nation running smoothly. But who can you depend on to make sure you’re getting every call, text, email, and piece of communication that comes to your office? The answer to that question is Answer United.

With nearly 60 years in business, businesses and government offices of all sizes have learned that they can rely on Answer United to provide excellent quality answering services all year long. We are there for you during office hours, after hours, during holidays, and during weekends. We’re also able to support you and come alongside your office during mass power outages and natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

Answer United has the infrastructure necessary to stay up and running no matter what disaster occurs. We also have power and data backups, so our facility will stay running if something happens where we are. We’ll never lose your data or drop a call when disaster strikes. We’ll be here for you and those you serve, no matter what.

24/7 Reliable Communication

Reliable communication is an absolute must for government offices of any type. That means hiring an answering service that is available when you need them to be. It also means answering service professionals who offer bilingual communication opportunities to reach a greater demographic. At Answer United, we offer bilingual English/Spanish live call answering, web chat, and other services.

We’ve long recognized the need for bilingual answering services, and we are proud to say we have some of the best bilingual staff in the industry. English and Spanish speakers can both call into your office and receive prompt, professional, and courteous assistance from one of our agents in the language that they’re most comfortable with. Offering bilingual services is just one way Answer United seeks to go above and beyond what most answering companies provide.

Maximize Your Efficiency with Answering Services

Answer United can serve your office as a virtual secretary, helping you and those you work with to free up time in your day. You don’t need to worry about scheduling appointments or answering basic questions when Answer United can do that for you. You don’t need to stress over missed calls, messages that pile up, or too-full inbox when our professional answering service agents can pick up every call and keep your inbox clear.

Let Answer United step in and improve the efficiency of your office by taking on administrative tasks like answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and sending you messages. Take the strain of daily tasks off of you and your staff by working with Answer United.

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