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Our Expert Agents Provide Full-Service, 24/7 Seminar, and Class Registration Scheduling

A national leader in the telephone answering and call center industry, Answer United has been providing Seminar and Class Registration services to organizations of all sizes for more than four decades.

If you’re a business that puts on trade shows, seminars, educational webinars, and other in-person and virtual events, then you know that it’s just as important to ensure attendees have an easy, convenient way to register for what you’re offering as it is to put together a quality course or event for them to attend. In fact, if a potential attendee is not able to easily register for an event, they’re likely to give up trying to do so and look for such an offering somewhere else.

That’s where Answer United can help. Whether it’s by phone, website, live chat, or another medium, we’ll make sure that anyone who wants to attend one of your events is easily able to do so. This can help you fill classrooms, event halls, and virtual queues to ensure that more people are attending your events and also help boost your revenue in this sector of your business. It’s all part of how our professional agents at Answer United work to become a true extension of your business.

Planning Events is Hard Work. Make it Easy on Your Staff When it Comes to Registering

You know how hard it is to plan events that people actually see value in attending. But that’s what your firm and events team is good at. Why increase their workload by making them responsible for registration too? That’s where Answer United comes in. We’ll do more than just create the platforms and mediums to make it easy for attendees to register, but we’ll also create detailed reports for your firm to analyze trends as well so that your team can make any adjustments with future events as necessary.


  • Accurate, verifiable records can reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction
  • Provides a personal approach in dealing with customers after hours
  • Gives small businesses a larger, more professional image
  • Frees your staff to do other, more important work
  • You only pay for the time you use


Award-winning, 24/7 registration services

Free up your staff time.
We provide thousands of businesses nationwide with call overflow, after-hours and weekend answering, appointment scheduling, and course registration services.  With Answer United, your office phone calls are forwarded to our award-winning, quality-trained agents, who will treat your callers in the same professional, courteous manner in which you would answer your own phone.

Online Data Entry

We can use your existing web page or create one for you.
When it’s time to register someone on your behalf, our agents can upload the information directly on your existing web forms or we can work with you to create a back page for our agents to navigate in the most efficient way to process your registrations.  This allows you the convenience of immediate data retrieval in real-time through the Internet.  In addition, we have generator backup and technical staff is on-call 24-hours-a-day, ensuring we stay online at all times.

Credit-Card Verification & Authorization

Secure services & next-day availability.
Processing credit information is very sensitive and must be handled accurately and confidentially.  When our agents enter the credit card number, the computer calculates the correct algorithm to ensure that it’s a proper card number with a valid expiration date.  The number is then masked so that it is only visible for a few seconds.  Securing an approval code is done in the background while we are processing the call, and the purchase amount is removed or held from the caller’s account while they are still on the line.  You have access to those funds the next business day.  If the purchase is not approved, we can request an alternative card or suggest they mail a check.

On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Views

Equipped to help your clients
On-screen call scripting and database viewing are important to accurately ask the right questions in order to register your customers properly.  Your custom scripts and schedules pop up on our agents’ screens when your customers call.

Receive Reports

Computer-generated time and date stamp reporting
All calls are recorded and given a computer-generated time and date stamp for complete quality assurance.  We can easily provide a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can be customized to fit your specifications.  These reports can be delivered in different formats including fax, email, or a downloadable file.

Our retention rate is one of the highest in the industry, with several agents having 15 years or more of service with our company.  This is how we’ve earned the reputation for answering 80% of our calls within three rings – providing the nation with the most reliable answering service for more than four decades.

If you are currently in a relationship with a seminar or class registration service provider that’s unable to meet your expectations, the consequences can be devastating. We are an award-winning, reputable telephone answering and web-enabled scheduling and registration service provider.

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