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Medical Answering Service Solutions for the Medical Community

Custom Medical Answering Services, Messaging & On-Call Management

Answer United has provided complete medical answering service solutions to the medical and health care communities for over half a century. We understand the needs of the medical industry and train our agents accordingly, stressing medical terminology and methods of handling urgent callers with speed and precision while showing compassion and tact.

Customizable Medical Answering and Messaging Service Solutions include:

Medical Answering Services

Answer United is fully HIPAA compliant.
We provide call overflow, after-hours and weekend answering and messaging services for thousands of physicians across the nation. Your office phone calls are forwarded to Answer United’s award-winning, quality-trained agents, who will answer according to your instructions and contact you wherever you may be.

Customizable Voice Messaging Services

Providing 24/7 conveniences.
Using your custom message scripting, our personalized voicemail and messaging services allow patients the convenience of requesting prescription refills, changing appointments, asking billing/insurance questions and calling for test results 24/7. You can then retrieve your messages anytime, from anywhere, using a secure password. Our advanced technology eliminates the caller frustration of having to navigate through an endless series of prompts. Most importantly, callers requiring immediate attention instantly bypass voicemail, going directly to an Answer United agent.

Online On-Call Management

View, post and change on-call schedules.
Our on-call scheduling system assures that your calls will be promptly directed to the correct on-call physician. Answer United’s privacy protected, secure, web-enabled system makes it easy for your office staff and physicians to view and sort messages and post or change on-call schedules from anywhere, real-time, 24/7. Changes you make to your on-call scheduler are immediately available to our agents.

Instant, Direct Messaging

Urgent text messages reach you instantly.
Receive urgent text messages directly from the hospital and your practice staff by whatever mode of communication is most effective for you, whether it’s through a cell phone, SMS, IM, PDA or pager.

Our professional, fully-trained agents for medical answering service make all the difference at Answer United. With one of the lowest turnover rates in the medical call center industry, we strive to maintain a professional and motivated staff that answers all calls promptly and professionally.

Answer United has some of the newest technology in the industry, enabling us to customize a message and dispatch a package to fit your specific needs. Avoid potentially risky consequences of operator error when working with a medical answering service that is unable to meet your expectations.

We are an award-winning, established Medical Answering Service provider.

Key Benefits of Working with a Medical Answering Service

There are a variety of key benefits to working with a medical answering service. Here’s a look at some of what Answer United can help your practice with:

Improving Patient Satisfaction

It doesn’t matter when a patient contacts your practice or what they’re contacting you about, when it comes to anything medical, they want an answer immediately. They don’t want to leave a message and wait for a phone call back, they want to speak to a live human being to discuss any issues or ask any questions. Ensuring that their call will always be answered and their issue will always be addressed can go a long way toward enhancing patient satisfaction.

Eliminate Operational Bottlenecks

Just as your patients likely don’t enjoy punching in keys in response to an automated prompt, these prompts aren’t without their issues as well. Mistakes can happen, confusion can arise and it can be frustrating — both for the patient and for your medical practice. By eliminating these operational bottlenecks and ensuring that a human is there to answer the phone and help resolve issues, you can help ensure a more smooth overall operating practice.

Schedule Patient Appointments All Day

Chances are your practice is busy with calls the minute it opens for the day as your patients try to schedule any sort of sick visits or get answers to any issues that may have come overnight. One of the nice things about working with this answering service is that you can schedule appointments at all hours of the day and reduce the strain on your phone lines while letting someone else take care of this task for you.

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How Answer United Can Help Your Medical Operations

As one of the leading call service providers in the United States, Answer United works to become an extension of your medical practice. We’re a partner that you can count on, and we add value to this important service in several key ways. Here’s a closer look at how we do it:

  • Experienced medical agents: Our agents are specifically trained to answer medical calls and inquiries. They know the medical lingo and terminology and undergo continuous training and evaluation so they can continue to grow and develop as client needs change or different challenges arise.
  • We mix problem solving and compassion: Oftentimes, your patients will contact your office in a time of need or uncertainty. Our agents are trained to offer compassionate service to those who need it as we work to resolve their problems or connect them with the right professional who can.
  • Custom 24/7 answering center: There are times when a patient may call your practice and not need to speak with a doctor or healthcare expert. For instance, they may need to refill a prescription or cancel an appointment. We can customize an answering center for these purposes so that patients can quickly take care of this if they don’t need to speak with someone. And if they do need to speak with someone, one of our agents is standing by and ready to help.

FAQs About a Medical Answering Service

Should a medical answering service be HIPPA compliant?

Absolutely, we strongly suggest that any medical answering service that you consider partnering with is HIPPA compliant. This way, you can ensure that patient privacy is protected and is a priority.

How quickly does a medical answering service pick up when contacted by a patient?

If the phone isn’t answered in three rings or less, it becomes a problem. The quicker the better, and at Answer United, more than 80 percent of all phone calls our agents receive are picked up within three rings.

Are calls stored anywhere in case they need to be referenced by healthcare professionals?

Yes, healthcare professionals are able to sort and view messages. 

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How does your medical answering service ensure quality and accuracy in patient communication?
Our medical answering service agents receive specialized training in medical terminology and customer care to handle patient communications accurately and empathetically. They are also trained to represent your practice professionally, adhering to your specific communication guidelines and ethos.
Can your medical answering service handle appointment scheduling and cancellations?
Yes, our medical answering service includes full management of appointment schedules, including bookings, modifications, and cancellations. We integrate with your existing scheduling software to provide real-time updates and maintain efficiency.

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