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Providing Custom Real Estate Telephone Answering, Messaging and Web-Based Services

Answer United has been supplying comprehensive property management answering services and messaging solutions to the industry for over half a century.  We have the experience. Whether you’re managing an apartment complex, multi-family homes or condominiums, we understand that every missed call is a missed opportunity to meet a resident’s needs or fill a vacancy.

Managing properties is a 24 hour-a-day job. Answer United can help simplify your responsibilities by handling the time-consuming tasks, without adding to your costs. Avoid lost business due to frustrated customers or residents when you are unavailable or out of the office. We can assist in managing emergencies and fulfilling daily office responsibilities associated with unit inquiries so that you can quickly fill vacancies.

Why a Fast Response Time Matters to Renters

It’s estimated that up to 65 percent of all renters consider speaking with a landlord or property manager either extremely or very important when searching for a place to live. Yet only about half of all prospective renters say that they receive timely and accurate information from someone. One key to filling vacancies and making money is ensuring that any available rental units are occupied as quickly as possible by qualified tenants – and one way to better streamline the process and maximize profits is to make an immediate connection with a prospective renter. At Answer United, our property management answering service offerings can help you do just that.

Surely, you’ve crunched the numbers on how much money it’s costing you to have vacant properties, which is why it’s so important to fill them as quickly as possible. By making a connection quickly, you can set forth on the path to doing just that. At Answer United, we can help.

After Hours and Emergency Call Services

Plumbing emergencies, lock-outs and pest problems

Aside from filling vacancies with new tenants, it’s also important to keep current renters happy. And one of the ways to do this is by ensuring that you’re always accessible, especially if renters have a problem after hours that requires immediate attention. That’s where Answer United’s after-hours call answering and emergency service offerings come in handy. You can rest assured that our experienced agents are always covering for you after your staff have gone home for the day. Our agents will troubleshoot problems and arrange for help if the issue can’t easily be resolved or if it can’t wait until morning.

Answer United’s professionally trained agents screen calls for maintenance emergencies and relays them to the right person quickly, according to your preferences. Whether dispatching the on-call maintenance worker or texting you directly, Answer United’s professional agent will help to reduce the potential for property or liability damages. We save you time and meet the needs of your residents in a prompt, professional manner, using custom scripts developed with your input, so that callers never know they are speaking with one of our agents in another location. All calls are recorded, so you can review everything we say on your behalf.

Virtual Leasing Agents For Property Management

Appointment requests, application submissions, unit inquiries
Our skilled agents are trained to receive calls and emails from interested residents, acting as virtual leasing agents who will handle your leads in a courteous, professional manner. We know that attracting new residents is the first step in building and maintaining a strong community, so our agents use your property management software online to inform prospective residents of property amenities and available units.

Convenient, Customizable Message Delivery

Flexible message delivery options
Our flexible message delivery options allow you to retrieve your messages quickly, in the method that is easiest for you, whether by email, fax, text message, web retrieval, voicemail or live agent.

Professionally Trained Agents

Many of our agents have been with us for over 15 years.
Our professionally trained agents for  property management answering services are the key to Answer United’s success. We have a turnover rate that is one of the lowest in the industry. Our real state phone answering agents are proud of their record, answering 80% of all calls within the first three rings. We supply them with some of the most advanced technology in the industry, enabling us to easily customize a messaging and dispatch package to fit your specific needs.

Assure that your business projects the best possible professional image. Choose an award-winning, highly respected Property Management Answering Service provider.

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