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Deliver Better Support to Your Customers and Grow Your Business!

81% of companies that offer strong customer service overshadow their competitors. Businesses lose potential customers when they route them through a phone tree or voicemail instead of utilizing a live phone answering service. Answer United’s live call answering service ensures that this does not happen and that all customers are satisfied when they hang up the phone.

Answer United has always focused on quality and provides you with a world-class live call answering service while you focus on the core aspects of your business. Our live call answering agents will take care of your customers and address all their concerns.

Our live call answering service ensures that all your calls are answered quickly and politely. We greet your customers with a smile in our voice, warmth, and friendliness just as you would want us to. Your customers will not only be impressed but also satisfied because we answer all their questions and resolve their issues before they hang up the phone.

Utilize Our Advanced Technology to Your Advantage

Answer United offers solutions that are based on the latest technology. When a call is made, it is routed to the first agent that is available. Relevant information comes up on the screen before the call is even answered so that the agents do their job well.

All our agents receive extensive training which helps them accomplish their tasks. Our agents are competent, professional, and capable of delivering the performance expected of them.

Our live call answering service offers so many extensive features

  • Answer United answers most of the calls within the first three rings, providing you with increased response times.
  • Our waiting times are close to zero, and your valuable customers will never be put on hold.
  • Competent and professional agents address your customers’ needs and provide them with effective solutions.
  • Calls can be recorded for future reference.
  • Custom Scripting for all accounts

Decrease Your Operational Expenses

For every business, the operational expenses should be kept as low as possible. When you outsource to Answer United, you save both time and money that is required for setting up an internal team for handling customers. Plus, you do not have to go through the hassle involved in hiring, recruiting, and training.

We Make Things Extremely Convenient

When you outsource to Answers United, you will not have to make any equipment purchases or install complex equipment. We work remotely and even virtually, while still meeting your every need.

Plus, we are flexible. We customize your account to fit your business needs.

Start Improving Your Customer Satisfaction and Retention Levels Now

Contact us and we will provide you with more details about our live answering services. Let us know your needs, and accordingly, we will design a solution for you. Benefit from Answer United’s telephone answering services and soon you will be making your customers happy and satisfied, while also saving money.


What distinguishes a live phone answering service from automated systems?
A live phone answering service provides personalized, human interaction for callers, offering a more engaging and empathetic communication experience than automated systems. Live agents can handle complex queries, provide immediate assistance, and adapt responses based on the conversation’s context, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Are live phone answering services cost-effective compared to in-house staff?
Live phone answering services are a cost-effective alternative to in-house staff, especially for handling high call volumes or after-hours support. You save on labor costs, training, and infrastructure while ensuring your customers receive professional service. This setup allows you to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on core business activities.

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