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At Answer United we understand, you need a service that won’t let you down when it comes to meeting the needs of your callers. Whatever the needs of your small business, whether call overflow solutions, absenteeism management or customer service throughout the course of your busy workday, we are specially equipped to handle the issue.

Live, professionally-trained agents, make all the difference when it comes to the quality services. If you’re currently letting your calls go to voicemail, making the switch to Answer United will provide your callers with every reason to do business with you. Unfortunately, voicemail is unable to fully meet the needs of most businesses and is one of the major reasons why potential customers go elsewhere.

If you’re currently unable to manage your calls, whether during particularly busy times of the day or due to the growth of your company, having your overflow calls routed to an agent from Answer United will help you see an increase in sales and a better customer experience that will result in the further growth of your business.

Not all telephone answering services are created equal; a closer look at the services we provide and you’ll be convinced, our professional agents will fully meet your needs- and that of your callers. We have invested in the technology and in the training of every live agent we employ, to bring you a better service than you can find any place else. Our prices are affordable as well, and designed to meet a wide range of budgets.

To speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents who can answer your questions, feel free to call 800-937-5900. Integrating our service to work with your receptionist just could be the best business decision you’ve ever made.
Anyone who has been searching for first-rate telephone answering, business answering and messaging services should contact Answer United today.  As a nationally recognized industry leader for over four decades, we maintain a staff of award-winning telephone agents for call handling services who have been trained to answer calls in a highly professional manner—the same way you would answer your own business phone. We offer a variety of 24/7 telephone answering, small business answering and messaging services, such as absentee reporting and telephone or call overflow, to many types of industries, including the following:

It’s Easy to Retrieve Your Messages:

You can call us and get them from one of our agents, or you can utilize another one of our highly efficient delivery options.  Our service are available to businesses of all sizes. No matter if you’re a medical professional, freelance artist, property manager, or owner of a large corporation, Answer United can create a customized message and dispatch service that aligns with your business requirements.

The secret to Answer United’s success lies with our exceptionally skilled staff.  We have one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry, and several of our agents have accumulated fifteen years of business at Answer United. This commitment to excellence has allowed us to maintain a policy of answering at least 80% of calls within three rings.  See for yourself how we have provided the most dependable call answering service solutions in the U.S. for 50 years.

Your callers will never be put on hold to answer another call. Call us today to learn more!

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