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Customized Call Center Services

Customized Call Center Services

Having been a leader in the call center industry for 60 years, we have built and managed hundreds of thousands of custom campaigns from simple to complex.  We are extraordinarily well-versed in customized call center services.

Answer United uses the most advanced call center software. It is incredibly flexible allowing customization for almost any need our customers have.

Answer United has an IT department that is a leader in service development. We have built and manage our own proprietary dashboard and reporting tool. We have built complex applications to make our customer’s campaigns function efficiently.  You name the technical expertise needed, chances are, we have it.

Our approach to helping solve your needs is by having a Senior Communication Consultant discuss your goals and needs with you at the start. Then they work with our internal team to gauge timeline, cost, and execution details. After that, the Senior Communication Consultant will deliver a proposal to you specifically outlining the plan. Our approach to sales is solving your problems with our customized solutions. We are of the mindset of keep it simple, so even if you think it’s very complex, we will have a way of simplifying your needs to create the solution.

We are always upfront when it comes to customized solutions, we only want the project if it will be a success for us and you. If the project is not going to be a success, then we will happily refer you to a call center that will suit your needs better. We are in the business of doing things great, so we will not take on a project unless we are confident it will succeed. We believe that doing right by you, the customer, is just good business.

Why choose Answer United for your Customized Call Center needs?

  • 60 years experience provides us with knowledge to build out just about any application you need, as we likely have already done one like it
  • Most up to date call center software is a must as you need the best software to run a more complex or custom campaign
  • IT department that is extraordinarily savvy and well-versed in custom applications
  • Senior Communication Consultant that understands the industry and has a proven track record of solving problems with our solutions
  • We won’t take your project on unless we are confident in it’s success
Why wait any longer? Schedule a meeting today with our Senior Communications Consultant to discuss your Customized Call Center needs!

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