Why Achieving the ATSI Award of Excellence Means so Much to Answer United

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The Association of TeleServices International was founded in 1942 to set the industry standard of excellence for Telephone Answering Services and Call Centers. Today, they represent over 200 answering services and call centers around the world.

The ATSI Award of Excellence program was borne out of a desire to recognize the highest ranking and best performing answering services and call centers based on an intensive rubric to measure customer service levels. As of 2021, Answer United is thrilled to have achieved this recognition twenty-four years in a row. Here is what this means to Answer United.

Our Customer Service Quality Ranks at the Top of Our Industry

The ATSI Award of Excellence is only given to call centers and answering services that rank at an 80% satisfaction level or higher across all services they offer. This scoring is conducted by third-party callers and judges who listen in on the mystery callers. The calling occurs over six months and Answer United is never aware of which calls are or are not part of the judging criteria until the awards are given.

The Award of Excellence is not something that an answering service can “win.” Rather, it must be earned through commitment to excellence, providing high-quality services, and dedication to improvement.

Each year we strive to improve our services, innovate, and seek to go beyond our previous level of performance to provide our customers and clients with a service they can depend on. This has resulted in Answer United achieving the ATSI Award of Excellence twenty-four years in a row and it shows us that we are on the right track.

Answer United Has a Proven Track Record of Excellence

The ATSI Award of Excellence is based on a scoring rubric that judges use to evaluate our level of service during the mystery calls. The rubric starts with how many times the phone rings before it’s picked up. When our answering service professionals answer the call between zero to three rings, the highest score is achieved.

A similar type of criteria is used for items like:

        Hold time
        Politeness of CSR
        Tone of voice
        Correct guidance to caller
        Attitude of CSR
        Knowledge and helpfulness of CSR
        Voice quality, clarity, and enunciation
        Proper message-taking protocol

When mystery callers call any one of our Answer United call centers, judges score these items along with several others to determine the excellence of our services. Each area is awarded a number that combines to give us an overall score for that call.

We are pleased to say that for the last 24 years, including 2021, we have ranked at the top of the nation for the quality and excellence of services we provide.

Callers Have a Good Experience When Interacting with Answer United

One of the largest sections on the scoring rubric deals with Answer United CSR engagement and interaction when speaking with a caller. Does the caller feel recognized? Was their name used? Does the caller feel like their call is important and valued? Did they feel like the appropriate amount of time was spent to find a solution or that the CSR handled their call appropriately?

The answer to these questions determines how comfortable callers feel when speaking with your representatives. It also determines how satisfied they feel with how their call, questions, and needs were handled.

For twenty-four years in a row, our CSRs have demonstrated the highest attention to customers, the ability to engage and satisfy their questions, and find solutions that leave customers feeling valued and appreciated.

Answer United is Your Answer for Excellent Answering Service Solutions

At Answer United, we strive to create an environment of excellence. We work hard and train every one of our CSRs to value each caller, provide quality solutions, and represent your business with excellence. We seek to create and sustain a relationship of trust between your callers and your business, effectively acting as the go-between that you can rely on, and your customers can always access.

We know how important it is to create customer and client relationships that go beyond the sales transaction and enter the territory of loyalty. When Answer United works for you, you can rest assured that each caller will be treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism. We are proud to be your representative and, as the ATSI Award of Excellence Demonstrates, one of the top answering service companies in the industry.

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