The Importance of Veterinary Emergency Answering Services

Pets are more than just critters that you happen to share a home with – they’re members of the family. And when any member of your family needs medical attention, it’s imperative that you take the appropriate steps to ensure that they receive it. For pets, this means taking them to a qualified veterinarian’s office for their care – whether it’s a routine checkup or something that’s a little more urgent. And when it comes to scheduling appointments, nobody wants to play phone tag or leave a message and wait for a callback. Remember, our four-legged furry friends are part of the family – pet owners want to speak with a veterinarian or someone who can help answer questions the same way they’d be able to speak with a doctor or nurse. That’s where working with a qualified veterinary answering service, such as Answer United, can come in handy.

The Value of Working with a Veterinary Answering Service

Veterinarian practices can be a bit chaotic. In between the influx of dogs, cats, and other animals that may be visiting to receive care, there are bound to be emergencies that arise. It can all easily overwhelm a staff, leading to administrative mistakes, rushed care, or poor customer service. That’s why it can pay – literally – to work with a qualified veterinary answering service that is available to support your pet parents 24/7. Here’s a look at some of the value that you can deliver to your patients when it comes to their pets:

  • 24/7 answering services: Ensure that your pet parents are able to receive answers to timely questions or concerns, whether it’s 3 a.m. or 3 p.m.
  • Appointment scheduling: Whether it’s a routine checkup, surgery, or a follow-up appointment, this tends to be one of the more tedious administrative processes. Allowing a partner to handle it can free up your staff’s time and increase productivity.
  • Veterinary emergency answering service: Do you have an urgent need? Emergency answering services can ensure your pet parents are quickly connected with the on-call vet to promptly address the issue and discuss the next steps.
  • Value-added services: A good answering service, such as Answer United, can also implement additional communication mediums to further serve your pet parents. This includes online chat, virtual receptionists, email reading and response, social media communications, and more.

By partnering with a reputable answering service such as Answer United, you can ensure that your pet parents are in good hands while streamlining administrative services and freeing up your on-site staff to do what they’re best at. You’ll also likely notice an improvement in your customer service and customer satisfaction, as well as your bottom line.

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