The Benefits of our Employee Mass Communication Service

An employee mass communication service empowers organizations to interact with the entirety of a workforce, a segment of a workforce and even a comprehensive customer base in unison.  Implement this efficient method of communication at your business and you’ll find empowers you to transmit information rapidly and accurately.

Our text broadcast system makes it easy to alert employees of important events such as information related to the commute into work, product/service information, issues with customers and plenty more.  You can even use the system to communicate new updates, discounts and special features to your valued customer base.  Our clients use this breakthrough technology in their own creative ways that ultimately enable timely, accurate and impactful communication with all relevant parties.

The Most Efficient way to Break News of Importance

Imagine a scenario in which the roads near your business are impassable.  Use your mind’s eye to envision a natural disaster striking your area.  Your office might even experience a network shutdown due to ransomware or another digital attack.  Perhaps a product recall is on the horizon and you need an efficient means of communicating that recall to your customers.  The way to communicate such information is with the use of our mass communication system.

Raising awareness of the issues detailed above through our mass communication system makes your hardworking employees as well as your customers that much more appreciative of your business.  This system transmits the news as well as details pertaining to how your business is proactively addressing the situation.  You can even use the system to communicate how you would like your team to respond to inquiries made by media members.

Keep Your Employees in the Loop

If your office has to close for the day due to a natural disaster, network outage or other event, there is no sense rattling off one email or phone call after another to communicate the closure to the entirety of your workforce.  Instead, use our mass communication system and your team will quickly find out all the latest updates and how they should respond.

Whether you want your employees to work from home, take the day off altogether or work in a location away from the regular headquarters/office, you can make that information abundantly clear through our mass communication system.  This system facilitates the communication of essential information, especially during emergency situations, ensuring your staff has complete transparency.  Our system automates the transmission of your customized message so your employees and customers receive the latest updates.  In fact, this communication can even be customized based on your organization’s departments, teams, staff members, etc.

Voice and Text Broadcasting

Our system’s text broadcast feature empowers you to text the entirety of your workforce or individual shift workers, plant workers, groups or other segments of contributors to transmit a message in an instantaneous manner.  Such a feature works in combination with our Voice Broadcasting.  The Voice Broadcasting transmits recorded calls to your workforce, a segment of employees and/or your customers.  This call details specific conditions or circumstances that the groups in question should be aware of.  The feature even empowers users to contact individuals through phone calls for the coordinated transmission of messages.  If recipients do not answer the call, a voicemail message is left for their review.

The Merits of Our Check-In Line

Wouldn’t it be nice if your organization had a phone number dedicated for access during natural disasters and other emergencies?  A dedicated check-in line provides exactly that.  This number can be accessed by thousands of individuals in a simultaneous manner.  The caller is provided with a message that details the issue in question, be it related to the weather, a digital attack, a product recall or another matter of importance.

The Timely Communication Your Team Needs and Deserves

Aside from financial compensation, your hardworking team likely values communication above all else.  Employees who feel as though their employer goes to great lengths to communicate with them in a prompt and accurate manner are that much more likely to remain with the organization across the long haul.

Customers also value timely communication pertaining to product recalls, service updates, discounts and more.  Take full advantage of our mass communication system that provides regular updates with your customized messages at the times you desire and you will rest easy knowing you have done your part to keep your employees and customers in the loop.

We make it easy for you to master the nuances of our mass communications system.  Our system empowers users to develop templates for specific types of messages, making it easy to select certain recipients and even send test messages prior to transmitting an official message.

Answer United’s Mass Communication System is a Call Away

Reach out to Answer United today to find out more about our how our mass communication service will benefit your business.  You can contact our team by phone at 800-937-5900.