Do I Need an Employee Call-Off Service?

AU Insight

Yes, if you are wondering if you need an employee call-off service, the answer is 100%, definitively, yes.  Why you ask? Because the cost savings associated with outsourcing this component of your business is extraordinary.

Who saves the most money by using an employee call-off service?

The larger your business, the more likely you are wasting valuable dollars handling this in-house.  However, all businesses can save money utilizing this outsourced option.  We have watched Fortune 500 companies save significantly by leveraging this service.  Additionally, small businesses have watched how inefficient their in-house systems were when they checked out our sophisticated employee call-off service.

How does an employee call off service work?

Quite simply, your employee can call an 800 number, text or submit a webform to notify the office if they will be late or absent. Immediately a notification goes to the manager or supervisor alerting them of the absence. Thereafter, the absence or late arrival is logged into our system. Exportable reports and call recordings allow for easy retrieval from HR. A simple dashboard shows any user a variety of data points that are helpful metrics for the HR department to have.

How much is an employee call-off service?

An employee call off service varies based on employee count and based on features chosen with the service. That said, for a couple hundred dollars, a business can quickly get more organized from an HR perspective. They will also get ancillary benefits of employee satisfaction and cost savings. Literally a no brainer for any business trying to get organized.

Want more details?

We offer two varieties of employee call-off services, one is live (meaning a human answers the phone, one is automated (meaning technology answers the phone or receives a text or form).  Live is more custom and can be a bit pricier. Automated is a budget friendly option.  Schedule a demo to learn more about this offering today!