The Benefits of an Employee Call Off Service

Every employer stands to benefit from an employee call off service.  However, plenty of business owners and managers have only heard of this unique service in passing.  Here is a quick look at the merits of implementing an employee call off service at your organization.

The Basics of an Employee Call Off Service

The average employee hesitates to call in sick to work when ill simply because sick days are limited and missing a day at work has the potential to lead to the buildup of work, creating a backlog that makes the remainder of the work week that much more stressful.  On the flip side, it is mutually destructive for employers and employees when sick workers make their way into the office.  Sick employees spread illness to colleagues, visitors and others, potentially causing an office-wide infection.

The solution to the problem described above is outsourcing the process necessary for employees to call in sick, empowering them to do so in an orderly and comfortable manner.  A call off service serves as a hotline that empowers a trained individual to provide details about specific employee illness including the reason why he/she is remaining at home and the length of the expected absence.  Such a call off service facilitates clear communication in a timely manner, setting the stage for business owners, managers and supervisors to better manage workloads and schedules.

Why Every Organization Should Have a Call Off Service

If your business is like most others, you require that sick employees reach out to the human resources manager to notify him or her that a sick day will be taken.  However, the human resources manager might also be sick, away from work while on vacation or possibly even overlook the call or message.

Opt for a call off service and everyone will have much-needed clarity as to which employees will be at work and which will remain at home saddled by illness.  A call off service provides sick employees with a toll free number to call where they can speak with a person and communicate the illness and the expected length of absence from work.

The call is detailed in terms of day, time and subject matter.  Those details are forwarded to the appropriate party at the employer so arrangements can be made to replace the worker on the sick day or at least better manage his or her workload.

No Investigation Necessary

There is no sense in tasking a human resources manager or other workplace manager to delve deep into the taking of a sick day.  Choose a call off service for your company and your human resources specialists and other supervisors won’t have to spend any more than a minute looking into the absence of an employee.

There won’t be any need to sort through voicemail messages, email messages or text messages.  Rather, the information detailing the sickness is succinctly presented in a timely manner by the call off service.  This service eliminates the potential for confusion, ultimately saving the employer time and effort.

Forewarning for Workday Planning

Perhaps the most important benefit for an employee call off service is the fact that it provides managers and others who supervise employees with that much more time to plan ahead for the absence.  Those in power can hire a temporary worker for the day(s) that the employee will be out sick, delegate his or her duties to others and otherwise adjust workflows as necessary.

A notification pertaining to the upcoming absence of the sick employee is sent as soon as it is received, empowering office managers and schedulers to pivot accordingly rather than waiting until the last minute as often occurs without such a service.  There is simply no sense attempting to juggle the sick worker’s duties after he or she fails to show up for work and management finds out about the sickness via voicemail when a call off service sets the stage for a comparably proactive response.

Answer United is Here to Help

Answer United makes it that much easier to keep your business humming along like a well-oiled machine even after employees become sick.  We have more than half a century of experience handling employee call offs, serving as a convenient bridge of communication between sick workers and employers.

Rely on our team to gather details about sick employees, document their absences and forward the information to you in a timely manner.  Our prompt and accurate information makes you that much better equipped to keep your business functional even during the flu season.

Information is Power

Our employee call off service is also valuable in the sense that it helps track trends that ultimately make it easier for you to make important decisions pertaining to employee compensation and continued employment.  Instead of relying on your memory or gut instinct to evaluate employee attendance, lean on our accurate and comprehensive data that details the number of employee absences and the specific reasons for calling off sick.

Our employee live absentee reporting service is also revered for its specialized features.  These services include:

  • Emergency dispatching
  • After hours call answering
  • Live help desk
  • Email reception and response
  • Call overflow services

Our live absentee reporting service is simple.  An employee calls our number, an agent answers the call, poses questions, records information and provides a verification code.  The information is then passed on to you for timely review so you can plan the workday ahead.