What Can an Answering Service Do for My Business?

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In business, growth is always a good thing. However, along with the growth of your company size, customer base, and orders comes the need for increased customer service for clients, customers, and business partners. This is a common area of struggle for many businesses since many don’t know quite where to turn to fill in the communication gaps they and their customers are experiencing.

That’s where Answer United’s answering services can help. We provide a wide range of customized services that meet the needs you have. So, just what can answering services do for your business?

After-Hours Dispatch

At Answer United, we’ve been working with businesses for nearly sixty years, and we get how important it is for you to stay open and operational around the clock. We also understand that you have office hours, your employees need to go home at night, and you need a vacation from time to time. Most businesses can’t staff their operations around the clock with in-house customer service. That’s where Answer United answering service comes in to provide services like after-hours dispatch.

Our after-hours dispatch ensures that you still get every call that comes into your business. We can take orders, answer questions, and keep your operations flowing even when you and your employees go home for the day. These answering services ensure that your customers stay with you instead of switching to a competitor. Providing around-the-clock answering also helps strengthen customer relationships and inspires confidence in your business.

Emergency Dispatch

Emergency dispatch services are critical for urgent matters that need to be brought to your attention or the attention of your on-call staff. Whether you help run a medical department, a dentistry practice, manage an apartment complex, or rent out homes, having an emergency number where you can be reached for critical needs is vital to the health of your business.

Emergencies don’t have office hours, and unfortunately, many of the times they occur in the middle of the night, on holidays, and during the weekends. A delayed response to emergencies can result in increased damages, lost trust, and an even greater emergency than before. Rather than worry about these types of calls, you can hire Answer United to provide emergency dispatch for you. We’ll be available 24/7 to take calls, forward urgent messages to the right staff member, and ensure these critical messages get to the right place. The faster you can take care of emergency needs, the quicker you can get your business back on track.

Overflow Answering

Do you experience unusually high call volumes during specific times of day or periods of the year? Perhaps your call volume doubles during the lunch hour or you experience three times the amount of calls during the holidays. Maybe you’d like to catch after-hours calls that come in when you and your staff are all gone for the day.

At Answer United, we can handle any type of overflow answering service you need. We can be on standby during your high-volume hours, specific days of the week, or periods of the year when you need some extra answering service help. You won’t have to worry about calls slipping by or customers getting frustrated because they’re unable to reach you when Answer United provides you with overflow answering.

Ad Response

Do you want to track ad response or information requests based on an advertising campaign? Answer United’s answering service can help you with this specific need. We can process and fulfill requests from your ad campaigns whether you have a single service or a catalog full of products and services.

Don’t worry about missing calls in response to an ad campaign or seasonal promotion. No longer wonder if you’re missing customer interest in a new product launch. With us on board, we’ll not only respond to customer inquires and requests based on ad campaigns, but we’ll track the numbers and provide you with specific data that can inform how well your ad campaign is going.

Customer Service

No matter what answering service you hire Answer United for, it all comes down to customer service. The quality of customer service you provide to your customer and client base can make or break your business. It’s vital to ensure that your customers are always treated with respect, are attended to, and are provided with quality methods to communicate with your business.

Excellent customer service encourages loyalty to your business and loyalty means returning customers. We can meet your customers where they’re at by communicating via phone, webchat, text, and social media messaging. We can make appointments, fulfill orders, and carry out administrative tasks so you don’t have to leave a single customer hanging. Customer service options like these promote a healthy long-term relationship between the customer and your company.

Answer United Features

In addition to the above answering service options, Answer United provides you with some benefits unique to our company. First, all calls are recorded and monitored for quality. You can then access these calls any time you’d like to follow up with customers or check the quality of communications. We provide custom scripting and train our professional answering service staff to speak, not read, the script. By speaking your script, we will be an effective extension of your office, sounding like a member of your staff.

Finally, we offer value-added services like 24/7 messaging, email reading and response, and dispatch service messages to you via live call, text, email, and app-based messaging.