Veterinarian Answering Service: Focus On What Matters, Those Cute Animals!

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As a veterinarian, you put in the years of hard work, study, dedication, and determination to enjoy doing what you do best – working with critters of all shapes and sizes. But when you get into your own veterinarian practice, it can be hard to juggle all of your responsibilities, take care of your four or two-legged patients, and stay on top of phone calls and emails from pet parents. Then you have after-hours emergency calls, seasonal uptick in appointments and needs, and more.

As a veterinarian who wants to give your best to your patients, how do you stay on top of it all? That’s where Answer United can help!

Live Answering for Pet Parents Around the Clock

At Answer United, we’ve been working with veterinarians for more than 50 years and we understand how important it is to be accessible at all times of day and night. Emergencies arise in the early hours of the morning, pet parents may have questions about their furry loved one during lunchtime, and appointments need to be scheduled during and after hours.

With Answer United, our professional call service agents are available to partner with your practice by providing live call answering 24/7. That means your pet parents never have to wonder if you’re available. Schedules can be adjusted to reflect changes in appointment times. Emergencies can be handled promptly in the manner you prefer with ease.

With live answering, you can provide your pet parents with peace of mind, knowing they’ll be able to reach you or a member of your practice 24/7. You can also provide them with the convenience of setting up appointments, rescheduling appointments, requesting prescriptions, or receiving answers about your practice whenever the need arises.

Provide Emergency Call Services

If your veterinarian office is set up to take emergency calls, then you need a system in place to make sure those calls go directly to the on-call veterinarian who can take care of the animal in need. The last thing you want is for a pet parent to call your phone just to get the regular after-hours voicemail recording.

With our emergency call services, current and potential clients can call in and talk with a call center representative right away. Then, our agents can contact you or your on-call veterinarian in whatever way you prefer. Do you want a text message to your cellphone alerting you to an emergency need? We can do that. Would you rather we call the on-call veterinarian and patch the call through directly? We can do that, too.

Emergency call services save time and provide peace of mind for pet parents when they need it the most. The best part is that we use custom scripts for your callers, so they’ll feel like they’re talking directly to someone in your office.

Veterinarian On-Call Scheduling Services

In addition to providing emergency call services, we can also assist with on-call scheduling. On-call schedules change regularly and sometimes at the last minute. When you use our web scheduling feature, you can update or change the on-call vet whether you’re in the office, at home, or even on vacation. Then we’ll use the information you provide to forward emergency calls to the proper veterinarian on call for that day.

Never Miss a Message with Answer United

Thanks to Answer United’s customizable message delivery options, you’ll never have to miss a message again. When a message comes in that requires your attention, you’ll have the option to receive the message in the way that works best for you whether that is via a text message, email, fax, voicemail, or call from one of our live agents. You can also retrieve all messages via our web portal.

You’ll receive every message that comes in during or after hours, when you’re on vacation, or when you’re sleeping. We will handle every client no matter the time of day or night and ensure that their message gets to the right place.

Customizable Answering Services for Your Practice

At Answer United, we understand how important it is for you to build confidence and trust with your clients. That’s why we work with you to develop call answering scripts to sound just like your front office. We’d never want a client feeling like they weren’t cared for because they’re talking to a third party.

When your pet parents talk to one of our trained call agents, we’ll make it feel like they’re speaking with a receptionist in the front office of your practice. That way, the trust you’ve worked so hard to build will continue to grow, all while expanding the call answering services you can provide to around-the-clock options.

If you’d like to learn more about how Answer United can partner with your veterinary practice, give us a call or schedule a live demo!

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