Property Management Answering Services: Get Your time back!

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Property management is a full-time job and one that doesn’t have well-defined hours. You might have office hours, but the reality is that things break, tenants can get locked out, and emergencies arise at all times of day and night. If you aren’t available to handle these things when tenants need you, they’re likely to turn to the internet and air their complaints on review sites like Google or Yelp.

Providing 24/7 access to your services is critical if you want to keep your current tenants happy, attract new tenants, and keep your properties in the best shape possible. Seconds count when tenants need to report flooding, electrical outages, and other issues that can increase damages or liability costs. So how can you provide instant access around the clock without hiring full-time employees or never taking a day off yourself? By hiring property management answering services.

Provide 24/7 On-Call Property Management Services

Minutes matter when it comes to managing emergencies for the properties you manage. Water damage, electrical outages, and pest control problems all need to be addressed as soon as they are discovered. But if you’re on vacation, sleeping, or simply trying to enjoy time with your family after hours tenants may not be able to reach you. That’s where Answer United’s on-call property management services come in to help you out.

When your tenants run into an emergency, they can call your hotline and instantly get routed to one of our professionally trained answering service professionals. Our agents pick up, no matter the time of day or night, and handle your tenants’ requests professionally and courteously. You’ll never have to worry about cranky receptionists or getting woken from a dead sleep when we’re on the job.

All calls that come in will be routed to the correct place per your specific instructions. Want a text message so you can handle it? We can do that. Would you rather we dispatch the on-call maintenance worker so no time will be lost in addressing the emergency at hand? We can do that, too. With our staff working around the clock for you, you have a much greater potential to reduce damages to your properties as well as liability issues.

Non-Stop Lead Generation for Your Properties

We have years of experience providing property management answering services and one thing we know is that leads are critical. Whether you’re opening a newly purchased property, or you need to fill existing vacancies, responding to interested potential tenants must be handled promptly and with professionalism.

Potential tenants need to be able to reach management during their initial inquiry. Prompt answering tells interested tenants that you and your staff are available, your properties are well managed, and you care about your tenants. This also conveys the message that you’ll be there for them, regardless of the time of day.

Our agents can utilize your property management software when discussing potential openings with interested tenants and advise them regarding upcoming or available units, amenities, rental costs, deposit requirements, property rules, and other key information that can help them make an informed decision.

Customized Answering Services for your Property Management Needs

At Answer United, we understand the need to provide answering services that sound like you. That’s why we use customized scripts that we put together with your input so we sound just like you want us to sound when speaking with your tenants. We’ll use your business’s name, slogans, and other phrases that are unique to you. This is one way we help your business stand apart. Callers will never know they’re speaking with a trained call center agent. Rather, they’ll feel like they’re talking with someone in your front office – even if it’s after hours and no one is available.

Not only can we customize the way that we answer the phone, but we can also customize the way we send messages to you. Time is precious and you may have a particular messaging system that works best for your lifestyle. Whether you want us to access messages via email, text message, fax, online, by voicemail, or via a call from one of our agents, we can provide it.

Provide Instant Service and Gain More Time for Yourself

If you’ve ever wanted to provide instant answering services for your property management needs but couldn’t figure out how to do it with your limited time, Answer United has the answer. With our professionally trained agents partnering with you, you’ll gain hours of your day back, provide more services than you could previously handle, streamline the call-in process, and more, all while reducing the load on your shoulders.

Give us a call today to discuss your property management needs and we’ll come up with a customized plan just for you.

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