How to Choose the Right Answering Service for HVAC Companies

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When you run an HVAC business, you’re on call, 24/7. Your business can never stop because AC and refrigeration units don’t have office hours. They can break in the middle of the day, in the dead of night, on weekends, and especially on holidays. No matter what day or time, whether you’re in the office or not, as an HVAC technician or company head, you are “on call.”

So how do you maintain business operations around the clock without running yourself or your employees ragged? How do you keep your customers satisfied by providing instant access when they need it most without having to lose sleep or never take a vacation day? By hiring the right HVAC answering service to partner with your business.

There are plenty of answering services out there, so it’s important to know what to look for before you sign on the dotted line and hire one. Here are the services Answer United provides and encourages HVAC companies to look for in their answering service provider.

Find Customized Solutions for your HVAC Company

At Answer United, we understand the unique responsibilities you handle as an HVAC company. We know that you have different needs than a veterinarian’s office or a government office when it comes to answering services. And that’s why we work with you to come up with customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Do you want to provide your customers with live call answering 24/7 without getting woken up for unnecessary questions? Answer United can provide live call answering, and relay only the messages that are urgent to the appropriate on-call service technician.

Would you like to keep your inbox clean? Answer United can provide email reading and response, ensuring that you see urgent and important emails, all while keeping a record of each one you can access at your leisure.

Do you want to keep your calendar organized? Answer United professionals can manage your appointments, book and reschedule appointments, and provide reminders and updates to your customers regarding upcoming appointments they’ve scheduled.

Opt for Answering Services Around the Clock

As we’ve said, HVAC companies don’t get to stop working. Repairs, requests for estimates, and emergency service needs pop up at all times of day and night. But you and your staff need to go home, you need time off, and you need a vacation once in a while. So how can you keep up with the daily calls and requests if you’re not in the office?  

Answer United provides premier answering services 24/7 365. We never stop, take a break, go on vacation, or need a sick day. Thanks to our professionally trained staff, we can always have someone working for you, ready to answer the phone, an email, or an online message on your behalf.

Worried about late-night or holiday emergencies? Our staff will always pick up and direct urgent callers to the correct on-call technician. We can forward these messages directly to you or another member of your staff using your preferred method such as an email, text, voicemail, fax, or phone call from a live agent.

When we partner with your HVAC company to provide answering services, you can take a day off knowing that your company won’t miss a beat. You can go on vacation knowing that we’ve got you covered. And you can sleep peacefully at night knowing you’ll never miss a customer request, appointment, or urgent message.

Ask for Web-Based Services

At Answer United, we have a full suite of web-based answering services such as email reading and response and live webchat. Why is this important? Providing live web chat capabilities for your website can catch potential customers that may not want to pick up the phone and call. Customers can have questions answered from the comfort and convenience of a chatbox, while multitasking if need be. By providing web-based services such as live chat, you provide every possible method for customers to contact your company.

With our web interfaces, we can take orders for your services when customers call in. We can set appointments, take orders, provide customers with answers to their questions, and record it all for you to review should you want to later on.

Our web interfaces even allow for instant callback options for your customers when they visit your webpage. Whether they need help, have a question, or need to reschedule an appointment, once they click the callback button on your website, our agents will receive the notice. They’ll then call your customer and provide needed information or help.

Leave the Worry Behind with Answering Services from Answer United

When Answer United partners with your HVAC company, you can leave the worries and concerns behind. Never wonder if you’re missing customers when they’re looking at your website. Don’t stay awake at night wondering if you’ll miss a call when you fall asleep. Stop the strain, pressure, and stress when you hire answering services professionals that can provide 24/7 answering services, customized solutions that fit your needs, and services to keep your business operating around the clock.