4 Things to Look for in a Property Management Call Answering Service

Attracting new tenants. Keeping current tenants happy. Ensuring that the facility is maintained.

A property manager wears a lot of different hats and it should go without saying that it can be difficult to keep up sometimes. However, failure to execute everything sufficiently can lead to lost profits, unhappy tenants, and properties sitting vacant for extended periods of time. That’s why it could make sense to hire a property management call answering service to help absorb some of the workloads. In this post, we’ll talk about the things a property manager should look for in an ideal answering service:

Variety of Live Answering Options

When it comes to attracting potential new tenants, it’s important to make a connection with them immediately. In other words, you don’t want them to leave a message and wait for a callback – you want to begin the conversion process of turning the potential tenant into a tenant as soon as possible. On this note, look for a variety of live answering options in a good property management call service. The likes of 24/7 call answering, a live virtual receptionist, after-hours call answering, and more can all help ensure that potential tenants aren’t left waiting for the information they’re seeking about your property.

Additionally, 24/7 call answering and emergency answering are important to keep current tenants happy. Issues are bound to happen, and when they do, tenants may need assistance immediately. For non-emergency or less timely inquiries, services like email read and response, text message response, and live chat can be helpful in keeping in touch with tenants.

Customer Service Expertise

Often, property managers spend significant effort filling vacancies with new tenants and not enough effort on continuing to appeal to existing tenants. This can lead to turnover and vacant properties – and your bottom line can suffer because of it. Hence, customer service expertise is important. A good property management call answering service should offer more than just information, but kindness and care as well. The ability to not just build new relationships, but nurture existing ones, is an important trait.

Industry Experience

At Answer United, we always pair our agents with our partners in the industries where they have the most experience. This helps ensure that we can act as a true extension of our clients’ business and our clients can rest assured that we’re providing a credible service.

Other Value-Added Benefits

Finally, there are other intangibles that can help grow your property management firm that a good call answering service can help with. For example, Answer United offers:

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