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One call can change a life.

That’s why counselors and consultants call on Answer United.

When care and understanding are called for, call the answering service provider that truly understands. At Answer United we work on the principle that every caller deserves respect and a truly helpful response. Maybe that’s why we’ve been leaders in the communications industry for over 50 years.

Our range of counseling answering services at Answer United is built on the knowledge that critical inquiries can arise any time, day or night. When your clients call, we’ll be there. So you can maintain the healthy balance that’s vital to your successful functioning as a health care and counseling provider.

Stop Trying To Do Everything Yourself.

You know better than most people that stress can adversely impact one’s health. With Answer United to support you, your practice can reflect your principles.

We’re More Than a Call Service.

Our on-call management services aren’t just highly professional—they’re HIPPA compliant. Our knowledgeable staff are conversant in medical terminology and procedure. So you can count on Answer United to:

  • Protect your client-patient privacy.
  • Provide information that meets with your approval.
  • Direct calls to the appropriate counselor or consultant.
  • Deliver all messages to you promptly—and in your preferred format.
  • Schedule appointments according to your specifications.
  • Operate with a proper sense of urgency so you are never overwhelmed but always informed.

Your practice is too important to trust to just any service. Depend on the discretion and expertise of Answer United. Find out how our counseling answering services can bring peace of mind to you and your clients.

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