Minimum Wage Increases Mean a Bigger Need for Virtual Receptionist

Minimum Wage Increase Virtual Receptionist
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A Virtual Receptionist Can Help With Cost Reduction

The new administration in office has proposed an increase to minimum wage in the United States.  The proposal includes a mandate that would mean a $15 minimum wage at the federal level.  The current federal level minimum wage is $7.25 and has been there since 2009.  Whether you are for or against an increase, options are always a good thing.

Say for instance, you are currently paying your receptionist $10/hour to answer the phones.  If this regulation goes through, that would mean at 50% increase to your expenses.  That can be a large burden for a small business to incur.

A Great Plan B, Virtual Receptionist From a United States Based Call Center

The concept of a virtual receptionist is not new.  In fact, we have been a virtual receptionist for tens of thousands of businesses over our 50+ years in business.  Here is a quick overview of how the virtual receptionist service works:

  1. Your Customer Calls (We Answer for You)
  2. We Answer with a Greeting of Your Choice
  3. We Connect Directly to You, Take a Message, Send to Voicemail, or Whatever You Choose
  4. We Keep You Updated Via Text, Email and You Can Log Into our Dashboard to See all the Calls

Cost Savings & Professional Receptionists

A large increase to your expenses could mean it’s time to look at a virtual receptionist.  We have done several cost saving scenarios over our 50+ years in business.  What we typically see is the cost for a Virtual Receptionist is a savings of 45% or MORE vs. paying someone in your office.  To boot, this includes us covering your calls 24/7 not just 9 to 5!

We have helped thousands of businesses of all sizes with this service.  Our customers rave about the cost savings and the professionalism we exude.  So as your business gets challenged with increased expenses, we hope we provide a nice alternative to save you money, while portraying your business in the best possible way.