Phone Answering Service

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How Your HVAC and Refrigeration Business can Benefit from Our Service

Anytime you run a business that centers around essential services you need to be prepared to answer the phone at all hours of the night and day. People cannot wait till business hours when they need their heating or refrigerator fixed and will continue calling until they find someone that can come out right away. If you are not set up with a phone answering service this can mean a lot of lost revenue for you, one thing is for sure furnaces and refrigerators won’t wait to break down until you are available.

A phone answering service can screen your calls to see what is urgent and what is not, then it can contact the person on call to either receive the call or give them the service request. This means you do not need to be tied to the phone 24 hours a day but your customers will get the service they need when they need it.

Please visit Answer United to read more about how our phone answering service can help your HVAC or refrigeration business run more efficiently.