Telephone Answering Service

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What you Want to for a Telephone Answering Service

If you have never had to hire a telephone answering service before then you may be wondering what you should look for in a service for your company. There are many different criteria for an answering service some of which are based on what your business does and what your clients calling need. However there are a few basic questions you should ask before you choose, to ensure you will get the level of service you need.

Does your business require 24 a day and 7 days a week coverage? This is the kind of coverage that doctors, lawyers, home health care agencies and HVAC companies require. This is because their clients may need them after hours and must have some way to contact them. If your company falls in this category make sure that the telephone answering service you use offers 24 hour a day service.

You should also investigate to ensure that the answering service offers custom scripting that allows you to decide what your clients will be told and when, as well as providing them with the answers they will need to important questions.

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