Medical Answering Service

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Choosing a Medical Answering Service that Knows Your Business

More than any other answering service it is crucial in the medical answering service that agents know and understand how to handle your calls. For this reason it is crucial that you ensure that the medical answering service that you choose not only brings many years of experience to their service but also that they are committed to staying current with the medical answering service field.

Not only must agents be able to know where to reach you at all times and make sure to get  the call to you in a timely manner but they must also know when to contact you and when to send a person who man be in crisis to the local emergency room. This requires staff that is more highly trained than any other type of answering service.

At Answer United our agents have the lowest turnover in the industry to ensure that we have highly trained staff that you can rely on for your medical answering service.