Live Phone Answering Services Are Answered by Live People

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Even with all the technology advancements in the last decade, people would rather speak to a live person than deal with an automated telephone answering system. These computerized phone answering systems can be difficult to navigate, especially when you have to speak into the phone. The computer often does not understand what you are saying, and it becomes rather frustrating when you need help or support. Instead of giving your customers the run-around through a complicated computerized phone system, you should use live phone answering services with live operators.

Select Service Levels from Live Phone Answering Services

Live phone answering services allow you to choose the level of services you desire. You can have the live operators take messages from your callers, route phone calls to appropriate people, or even provide customer support following a custom script. When you use Answer United for your answering service needs, you choose only the features and services that you require.