After Hours Answering Service for Emergency Situations

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If you run a business where emergency situations arise, like a veterinarian, plumber, electrician, HVAC repair, funeral home, home health care or property management, you will want to provide customers with a means to contact you. An after hours answering service is the best solution, because your callers are greeted by a live professional operator. The operator takes the caller’s message and can call you or your on-call person with the details, or even route the call directly.

After Hours Answering Service Provides Phone Support

Being able to provide phone support to your customers is important at all times of the day or night. Since your business is open during normal business hours, it can be difficult for people who are at work to call during the day. Often, they need to be able to call you in the evening when they get home from their jobs. You can hire an after hours answering service, like Answer United, to take your customers’ calls after your business closes for the day.