A Doctors Answering Service to Reach Your Doctor after Hours

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Your physician, dentist, chiropractor, and veterinarian all use a doctor’s answering service for access after hours. Usually, you just call the main telephone number for the doctor you need, and are then automatically connected with their answering service. You may be greeted by a live operator, or instructed to leave a detailed message. After a few minutes, you should expect a return phone call.

Selecting a Doctors Answering Service for Your Office

When selecting a doctor’s answering service to handle your after hour phone calls, you will want to find one which offers live operators, like Answer United. Relying on computerized systems to record messages and then send you a text message or page you is not as reliable as having live operators. Your patients are greeted by a live person, who will ensure that you or your on-call person receives any urgent messages immediately.