Things You Didn’t Know About Call Centers

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What does a call center do?
Call centers can perform an incredibly diverse array of tasks to help businesses manage communication lines with customers, keep orders flowing around the clock, and ensure they never miss an opportunity to speak with a potential client. Most often, businesses are aware that call centers can handle incoming calls, but call centers can do a lot more! Here are some of the best things that you may not know about call centers.

1. They Answer Calls and Make Calls

Everyone knows that call centers answer the phone and talk to customers and clients. But what many people don’t know is that call centers can make calls, as well! This can come in very handy if you have a list of customers or client queries that need answering, want to update customers on their orders, or simply need to return phone calls with information that a call center employee can relay. With a call center at the ready, there’s no need to take up your valuable time making calls – we can do that for you!

At Answer United, we have a full array of reporting capabilities to show you the details of each call we take or make. You’ll be able to see the times we called, how long each conversation lasted, and if you need to check what was said, you can open up a portal to listen to the recorded conversations.

You’ll never have to leave a customer waiting to hear back or wonder what information was provided to them. We’ll use the exact information you provide and ensure the right message gets relayed every time.

2. You’re Only Charged for Minutes Used

Many businesses assume that call centers will charge a fee whether they are answering calls for them or not. You might be surprised to learn that call centers like us only charge you for the minutes used while taking or making calls for your company and providing other clerical duties you ask us to provide such as answering emails.

Your billing cycle will reflect only the time used for your company when our call center employees are hard at work on your behalf. That means no hidden fees, no excess charges, and no charges outside of time when we are working for you. We have a built-in system that logs every call taken, every email sent, and every customer called so you know exactly how much time we spent working for your company.

This method of charging only for minutes used means that companies can dramatically reduce their operational costs by hiring a call center instead of hiring a full-time employee to do the same thing in-house. By hiring a call center to serve as your company’s virtual receptionist, you can save around 50% of the costs of hiring a full-time employee. Plus, you get far more coverage than one employee could provide such as 24/7 answering for phone calls and email messages.

3. Many Call Centers are in the U.S.

The common assumption is that all call centers employ people overseas to provide an around-the-clock ability to answer phones and emails. However, many operate in the U.S. from brick-and-mortar locations. Answer United is proud to be an American company that employs Americans in locations around the United States. When customers contact your company, they’ll always hear someone who lives in the US. Regional accents might even be reflected in the people we hire since we have locations in numerous locations. That means, if you’re located in the South, your customers just might have someone answer their phone call that sounds like they live two doors down.

Answer United provides 24/7 coverage thanks to our teams of dedicated employees stationed right here in the U.S. As long as you have call forwarding from your telephone company, you can benefit from the excellent quality answering services we provide

4. Answer United Does More than Answer the Phone

Many call centers can do more than just answer phones and Answer United is one of those multi-faceted facilities. We can manage phone calls in addition to providing support for web forms, email, and social media notifications. We are proud to provide a full suite of services for your business to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible for your customer service needs.

5. There are Different Levels of Call Centers

There are many types of call centers from a basic phone answer center to a more advanced customer support center such as Answer United. Whereas basic centers can provide answering services for your customers, more sophisticated centers like ours can handle a wide variety of needs such as changing scripts depending on the time of day and delivering your messages in several easy-to-access methods such as apps, text, or email that you can quickly check and reply to. We can even dispatch calls to you in real-time should you need us to provide that service.

Choose the Call Center that is Right for You

We hope this gives you better insight into the types of services a call center such as Answer United can provide! Whether you have questions or you’d like to schedule a demo, give us a call at 800-937-5900 and learn more today!