Outsourcing When it is Difficult to Hire Employees

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, company owners faced unprecedented issues with keeping their businesses running, relocating employees offsite, and pivoting business practices to address new customer needs. Though the world has begun to reopen in 2021, businesses are still facing challenges related to unforeseen pandemic hiring issues. 

While some areas are experiencing a labor shortage, other businesses are reevaluating their pre-pandemic practices and are looking for ways to save money. So, how can you as a business owner provide around-the-clock customer service in the midst of a labor shortage or if you need to cut back on expenses? The answer is a surprisingly simple one: hire a call center.

You Can Provide 24/7 Service at Half the Price

You might be surprised to learn that the cost of hiring an answering service to provide around-the-clock service for your customers is about half of what it would cost to hire a single full-time employee with an 8-hour shift. That means you can give your customers more service options than ever all while saving money. Just what can you offer when you hire a call center?

        24/7 Answering
        Help Desk Capabilities
        Online Chat Features
        Order Taking
        Appointment Scheduling
        And much more!

A call center can provide a huge array of needed services for your business, providing you with a virtual receptionist, a help desk guru, chat support, and live order taking all in one. The best part is that a call center goes around the clock and isn’t limited by an 8-hour shift. If you’ve run into pandemic hiring issues, it might be time to consider how outsourcing saves money for your company while providing more services for your customers than ever before.

Answer United can also provide you with a dedicated agent who is trained to work specifically with your business. They’ll be trained specifically on your style, preferences, and language while giving you all the benefits of no extra overhead, no unemployment or taxes to worry about, and no time off, breaks, lunches, absences, or headaches!

An Answering Service Never Sleeps

Even if you’ve fully transitioned some of your employees to working remotely, you still have the problem of break time, vacation time, and the other 16 hours when they aren’t on shift. No one employee can cover all the hours in a day. After all, people do need to sleep. So, rather than hiring another employee or two to cover the remaining sixteen hours that currently have no one on shift, tap into the power of an answering service.

At Answer United, we provide around-the-clock service. That means a 24/7, 365 answering service for your customers whether they call in, chat online, need to order a product at the last minute, or want to schedule an appointment on their commute from work. There are no time limitations with an answering service. You can tell your customers and clients that you are available for them 24/7. They’ll always interact with a real, live person located in the USA, no matter what they need.

Offer Customized Solutions with a Call Center

Have you ever wished that you could provide a custom answering service to your customers? With a call center like Answer United, you can. You can give your customers a way to connect with your business around the clock and not once have to worry about pandemic hiring issues or labor shortages. With a virtual receptionist available for you no matter the time of day or night, your customers can contact your business and receive actual help, guidance, and feedback right when they need it most.