Answer United: Helping the Medical Industry for Over 50 Years

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For medical offices and services, the ability to be present for patients and clients at all times of day and night is critical to ensuring patient and client satisfaction. Whether patients need to reschedule an appointment, ask a question about medications, or receive insight on concerning symptoms, reaching your office is a priority. So, how can you and your practitioners be available for your clients even though you’re seeing patients all day long and may not have time to handle phone calls? That’s exactly where Answer United can help – just as we have for over fifty years.

We’re proud to serve the professionals that make up the medical community from surgeons and doctors to counselors and chiropractic technicians. Here are just a few ways we’ve been providing top-tier services for medical offices like yours.

Providing 24/7 Communication Capabilities for Medical Professionals

Have you ever talked with a patient only to learn that they’ve been calling your office all day and couldn’t get through? If so, you’re not alone. This problem is experienced across the medical field from hospitals and doctors’ offices to counseling practices. Communication can be a difficult thing to maintain when you have a limited secretarial staff and you’re seeing patients all day.

When Answer United partners with your office, you’ll have a full-time, 24/7 secretarial team that can take calls, record messages, provide relevant information, and forward important calls to the proper personnel. We can also schedule and reschedule patient appointments all day and all night so you don’t have to worry about missing a single person.

Answer United can also set up customizable voice messaging systems for your medical practice. We understand that not every question requires a live answer. So we can also provide 24/7 voice messaging to route your patients to the appropriate office for prescription refills, appointment questions, billing questions and payments, and test results. When messages are left, they are available to you in an easy-to-process format so you can retrieve them and respond as you have time.

Managing Your Entire Medical Team

With our on-call management system, you can update your on-call physicians on the go, know that your patients will always be routed to the proper on-call physician, and provide your doctors with the capability to view and sort through messages. Our management system updates in real-time for our agents and you can change schedules 24/7 whether you’re at the hospital, doctor’s office, or away on vacation.

Not only can we route calls to the appropriate on-call staff member, but we can provide instant communication on behalf of urgent callers. We work with medical offices across the country and we understand that each office has a preferred method for being contacted. Whether you and your staff prefer to be reached by text messages on a cell phone, SMS, IM, PDA messages, or messages via pager, we can provide the communication system you need. 

Increasing Patient Satisfaction with Experienced Agents

Patient satisfaction is heavily dependent upon their ability to reach your services, no matter the time of day. Answer United helps you to increase the overall satisfaction of your patients by providing you with call answering agents who are:

        HIPPA certified
        Experienced in medical call answering
        Compassionate problem solvers
        Available 24/7

Our agents are specifically trained to answer medical calls. Each professional is an expert in medical terminology and lingo, and they employ appropriate methodology to help resolve problems. Whether our agents can answer a question or send a patient through the proper channels to resolve their situation, your patients will receive a calm, rapid, and caring response.

A Call Center that Works for You

We are proud to partner with medical professionals across the nation with our Medical Answering Services. Give us a call at 800-937-5900 or schedule a demo and we’ll help you come up with a customized solution that directly addresses your needs.