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Answering Services

The most cost- effective answering service in South Carolina, Answer United is a ready solution for your business, agency, company or any other work you have in mind. Our proficient agents are active and available round the clock. With emphasis on client satisfaction, our experts handle calls according to your guidelines with the aid of customized scripting. We assure you that with our expertise, not only will we keep your regular customer base satisfied but will aid exponentially in tapping the required target audience and increasing the same. Investing in us is basically investing in a profitable and fruitful business bond. Read More..

Call Center Services

With the reputation of being a recognized leader in the South Carolina Call Center Industry, Answer United takes pride in being the most efficient answering service in South Carolina. We lay utmost emphasis on custom- building accounts so as to meet all specifications provided by the client. Our web- based expert agents are provided unique and special training so as to create and maintain a professional and marketable image of your company. Choosing Answer United will help you garner a larger customer base and widen the horizon of your business from domestic to national borders. Read More..

With a veritable and reliable history, Answer United has been the destination for South Carolina’s answering services for over 50 years in various and diverse industries. We provide answering services in areas like Medical, Property Management, Consulting and Counseling, Home Health Care and Hospice Call Centers, Funeral Homes, Electricians, Plumbing, Construction Trade, Legal Communities etc. to name a few. We ensure that the services provided are quick, eager and thoroughly done which only adds to the reputation of your company, agency or business. Our dependability is without question which is easily evidenced by the number of clients who have stayed on with us for years and in some cases, decades.

Our services and operations are carried out throughout the day and week and we boast of a formidable number of customers not only in South Carolina but throughout the country as well. Answer United provides privileged answering services to all kinds of clients, ranging from independent freelancers, small businesses, homes, offices to Fortune 500 companies which have larger call volumes and demand strenuous work. Amongst the numerous services we provide, we offer call center services and answering services along the lines of Absentee Reporting, Ad Response, Appointment scheduling, Email Read and Response services, Help Desk and Customer Services, Order entries, Virtual receptionists, Class registrations etc.

Contact Answer United for further details such as pricing, proposals, guidelines etc. so as to address all your needs with the best South Carolina Answering Service. We assure you that once you invest in us, you can leave all your answering service related worries far behind.

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