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Benefit from Answer United’s professional answering service in Rhode Island. Spend time devising and implementing strategies for business while we handle phone operations.

First impressions are lasting impressions. And most often, your company leaves the first impression through a telephone call. Customers and prospective clients inquire about new products and services using a phone call. That’s why, you should focus on leaving a positive, effective impression on your clients. In fact, you should choose professional answering services like Answer United to handle phone operations. Because, we give you the opportunity to concentrate, strategize and implement business strategies while potential customers are handled by us!

Our answering and call center service in Rhode Island provide innumerable benefits when it comes to telephone answering. With us, you never have to miss a sales call again, you get the opportunity to supply information about the product and handle clients, schedules and meetings at a fraction of cost. In fact, a single sales deal through can pay for a month or more of our services.

No Need to Hire a Receptionist

Why handle with the hassles and costly expenses of a receptionist when you have us? Hiring a virtual receptionist can be quite straining for small businesses, but you can avoid that hassle with Answer United’s facilities. Similarly, if you want a call center, you can choose us instead of asking the members of your existing team to make calls.

Generates Revenue

When you don’t have to worry about the hassles of live telephone answering, you can concentrate on growing your business. You can get the calls screened by us, avoid mundane enquiries while always keeping up with the important conversations and meetings.

Calendar Management

Don’t want to hire a secretary? Then choose us! Our calendar management system is effective as we can perform other tasks such as transferring calls to appropriate people in your company. We can act as a switchboard, consult with you for appointments and help manage your calendar without a fuss.

Personalized Services

Your customers will be greeted with friendly, polite and well informed voice from the other end. In fact, we will help in raising the customer satisfaction levels. At the same time, we can eliminate the headache and stresses of hiring employees, managing absentees, training and monitoring the performance of those taking calls and managing phone answering because we will do that for you!

Illusion of Size

So you are a small business or a start-up. But why should others assume that you have lesser number of employees? Create the illusion of size with our services, maintain brand voice and personality providing more reliability to your clients.

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