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A national leader in providing virtual office services, Answer United has been providing web-enabled agents, virtual receptionists, and live chat services to businesses of all sizes for more than two decades. Using state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology, Answer United can integrate your website into our platform so that our professionally trained telephone agents can interact with your calls on your website. We can fill in your web forms or simply guide your callers through the site. Our award-winning, 24 x 7 web-enabled services include:

  • Live Chat – Allow instant messaging (IM) from your web page. You can integrate an icon on your web page and anyone browsing your website will have the ability to “Chat” with a live agent through typed messages / instant messaging (IM) in real-time. Your visitor clicks a link on your web page and a message pad appears. At the same time, your account pops-up in front of one of our agents and they can then type messages back and forth. No additional software is necessary for you or visitors to your website.
  • Agent Callback – Let site visitors request an immediate callback from a professionally trained live agent. Your visitor clicks a link on your web page and a form is displayed asking for call back information. Once submitted, your account “pops-up” in front of one of our agents and they immediately return a call to the web visitor.
  • E-Mail Read and Response– Let us provide an immediate response to your incoming e-mail. Simply forward your e-mail whenever you want us to read and respond on your behalf. The e-mail is automatically sent to a professional and well-trained telephone agent who will read the e-mail and respond according to your directions. We can also monitor automated alert systems, dispatch service personnel, send literature, or alert anyone within your organization.
  • Web Interface – Allow us to take orders right on your web page. This feature allows your web pages to immediately “pop” on our Agent screens when your phone number is called. We can then take orders, answer questions, and record the information right on your web page.
  • Toll-Free Number Response – Add a toll free number to your website. Our professionally trained agents will answer your line 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, answering questions, taking orders and providing assistance to your customers.
Whether you have a single product, large e-commerce web site or a full product catalog, our professionally-trained agents are fully supported with cutting-edge technology, allowing for custom design and scripting, real-time credit card verification and processing and much more.

Our clients also have the freedom to choose whether they want to use their own, existing e-commerce site for order taking or to utilize one of our in-house solutions for gathering order information. Regardless of the method you choose, your customers will receive prompt, exceptional service with accuracy and integrity.

All of our agent stations are Internet ready! Call us today to learn how to turn your web site into a productive business tool.

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