Phone and Admin Support with Small Business Answering Services

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Managing the day-to-day operations of your small business requires you to handle a lot of administrative work. You will need to read and respond to email, answer telephone calls, and schedule and confirm appointments. There can be days where it seems like all you do is answer the telephone. You can free yourself up to concentrate on your core business operations when you use small business answering services to handle your telephone calls and administrative work.  

Small Business Answering Services Tailored to Your Needs

Small business answering services, like Answer United, will work with you to create your own custom scripts for answering telephone calls and responding to emails. Features can even be tied to your website, where live chat support can be enabled and handled by the answering service. You choose how you want your messages delivered, such as by email or fax. They can even send you a text message, right to your cell phone.